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Leave (Get Out)… Jk, She’s Back

Just Announced: JoJo is going on tour! She’s making a stop at Club Dada in Deep Ellum on December 6th. Tickets go on sale Friday October 9th and are just over $20… not a bad GNO if you ask me!

Although her new tunes are rad, I’m still stuck on a few oldies… enjoy!


NMT 6/23

Two words. Leon. Bridges.

His highly anticipated debut album “Coming Home” has finally¬†dropped… and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Fun facts about the talented soul singer… he’s from Fort Worth, Texas. I watched his set at SS Music Hall a few weeks ago (he opened up for Lord Huron). He sold out Majestic Theatre for his show this fall. And he’ll be at ACL.

But, enough chatter… Time to get to the good stuff. LISTEN HERE

*PS, Better Man is the BOMB*

My Take: #HTESC14

Last night the Edge + Verizon Theatre created an event that won’t soon be forgotten by Dallas music lovers. How The Edge Stole Christmas, more concisely labeled as HTESC, is a yearly show hosted by KDGE to bookend the station’s annual Edgefest earlier in the year.

This year’s fame, and other acts that were a bit for¬†vetraned.

One of my personal favorites, Walk the Moon, was a late addition to the trendy lineup and played an acoustic set mid-lineup. The band opened with a few groove-worthy songs to get the crowd enticed. Between songs they were sure to mention that their new album “Talking Is Hard” had just dropped and encouraged everyone in the crowd to grab a copy. The acoustic version of Different Colors, new on this album, certainly got the crowd’s attention. Although the theatre wasn’t jam packed, you wouldn’t have known they were playing to a half full house by their energy. Talk about stage presence. You couldn’t help but vibe along. To close out their quick set, the crowd got a taste of something new and something old with Shut Up & Dance and Anna Sun. If the crowd wasn’t already hype, they were after this set. Next time you have the chance to catch a Walk the Moon show, I highly advise you go. Crisp, clean vocals, stage presence to boot and an overall good time.

Weezer brought the house down. What more is there to say? A veteran band, a hype crowd and energy to boot made for a solid 50 minutes of Weezer hits and crowd engagement. From the pit to the nosebleeds, everyone was on their feet jamming to songs like Sweater Song, Beverly Hills, Buddy Holly and Back To The Shack. The theatrics of the performance, although minimal, looked stellar and added to the intense sound of drums banging and guitars shredding. It’s no wonder this band is still around, performing to excited crowds. Weezer fans come to party, and Weezer brings the party.

Much to my dismay I was only able to enjoy the likes of these two sets, but from the sounds of it, it was a night full of energy and lots of highs (both emotionally and state of mind, if you know what I mean).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the other sets, join the conversation here or by reaching out to me on Twitter @CaseyLeeWalker… Until next time, friends. ROCK ON!