Salata Brings Enjoy-Mint To June

Just because I can’t partake in the Enjoy-Mint, doesn’t mean you can’t! Salata (one of my favorite salad shops), is introducing mint into the toppings lineup for the month of June.

Mint has multiple health benefits and is packed with antioxidants, promotes digestion, is low in calories (holla) and has ZERO fat. Then sounds like a win, win, win to me. Added flavor without the excessive calories (cause tbh calories are meant for happy things like icecream).

Salads and wraps can be customized to fit your day-to-day cravings, or you can try one of the featured combos at Salata.

Salad 1: spinach and kale mix, radish, cucumber, chickpeas, carrots, corn, mint, grilled chicken and fresh herb vinaigrette

Salad 2: Salata Mix, tomato, red onion, mint, blue cheese, quinoa, olive oil, walnuts and croutons.

Fun fact- Salata has over 50 toppings and 10 house made dressings so your cravings really are top priority when you stop by. And since I’m on the road until end of June.. can someone go try Salad 2 without tomatoes? It sounds amazing.


True Food Kitchen Preview Night

You know what’s amazing? Well, a lot of things are, that was a poor question.

But anyways, eating delicious food without the guilt. Yup, that’s spectacular.

Tonight Austin and I had an amazing date night previewing True Food Kitchen at Legacy West in Plano. The traffic getting there was a little rough, but Waze got us there just in time for our reservation. We were able to find parking easily- but totally missed that there was valet. We walked in the wrong door (shocker, we parked in the back by accident), but right away were greeted by a friendly face showing us the way to the hostess.

The hostesses were welcoming and accommodating- we were seated right away. Our server greeted us with a smile and told us all about the specials. It was a preview night, so there was training involved, but we were never less than impressed by Rashied and the rest of the True Food Kitchen team.

Starting off with drinks- I went with the Skinny Citrus Margarita and Austin had the Peacemaker- YUM. My drink was refreshing and light, no sugar and syrupy taste of a normal margarita. The Peacemaker was sour yet sweet, just like the work week ending.

So many apps looked appealing- but I went with a game time decision to order Hummus. HELLLLLLO GOODNESS. You know something’s grand when the only “complaint” is how the pita bread is plated… which is the lamest negative thing I have probably ever said.

Main courses were Steak Tacos and Red Chile Noodle Bowl with Shrimp. Almost got the bass, but Austin knows that steak is the way to my heart… Tacos weren’t bad, but they didn’t quite live up to the bowl. The bowl was full of spice and flavor- and the ratio of shrimp/noodle/veggies was perfect. Austin and I had to force ourselves to stop eating to save room for desserts.

No one’s shocked to hear we got Flourless Chocolate Cake (with a scoop of ice cream, cause duh). Austin said it’s like a perfect bite size brownie- addicting and sweet, but somehow healthy. I was a little preoccupied with the ice-cream and chatting with my friend Sarah from DallasLoveList who popped by the table.

Price points were extremely reasonable considering we had drinks + a full meal. Service made the night over the top. True Food Kitchen officially opens up Tuesday May 23- and I highly recommend you give it a go. I know we’ll be back to try a few more things on the menu!

7601 Windrose Ave
Plano, TX 75024
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Public School Staff Needs To Go Back To School

I was at Public School last night for dinner. We arrived a little before 8:30pm for our 8:30 reservation. The place was fairly empty- a few servers- we were excited to have a night with our group of friends without the chaos of a busy place. Our drink orders were taken quickly, I ordered a well vodka Moscow Mule, but it took a little while to get the drinks. We weren’t in a rush so it didn’t bother us much.

Unfortunately the excitement didn’t last much longer. Our server was unknowledgeable about quite a few things. I asked him about the Recess food specials, and he had no idea. He started telling me about the beer flights after specifically enquiring about food. Then got defensive when I interrupted and asked about the food (I wasn’t ordering another drink, I just got served my mule). He told me he didn’t know the specials and that there wasn’t a specific percentage off or discount. He kept rambling about not knowing and that they were “just cheaper apps”. He eventually told me about a 2nd piece of collateral on the table that hide prices. Great! Too bad he didn’t start with that..

We finally got a chance to order food- I went with the PB&J Burger – cooked medium with fries. I’m doing an Uptown Influencer Takeover on Instagram this week and thought this could be a fun burger to share with everyone! Much to my dismay, my burger was dry and overcooked and not plated well. My friend across from me ordered the PB&J Burger Bites, but was given the exact same plate as me.

I told our server (after having time to eat all of the fries and a few bites of the burger), about the burger and how it was cooked. I told him “I don’t want another burger, it’s late, I just wanted to tell you that both burgers aren’t cooked as we ordered.” He never apologized but walked away, presuming he went to get a manager. When he came back the next time to see if we wanted checks, he said the manager had comped my burger and, I quote, “it’s late at night, you know how the cooks get it, they’re a little heavy handed”. This was the icing on the cake for me. If he, or a manager, would have simply apologized I wouldn’t have been irritated.

At this point I was frustrated, but just wanted to get home. The service has been sub par all night- not filling our 3 empty water carafes on the table, not checking on the table, taking awhile to bring the ketchup I asked for.

Then our checks came, and yes, burger was comped. But my “well vodka” mule had an upcharge on it. I didn’t say anything because I was exhausted and at the end of the day I’m not worried about a few dollars. But the principle behind asking for well and then getting an upcharge is frustrating from the consumer side.

The whole experience wasn’t terrible. My friends had an amazing BBQ Chicken Salad- and the Macaroni looked amazing. The collateral on the table was super cute. My mule was mixed well. And the space is nice. But unfortunately the negative overshadows the positive on this night out with friends.

Spring Picnic

Spring has sprung and patio weather has arrived. Which also means patio crowds are in full force. The Rustic is offering you a way to avoid the hassle of waiting for a table by taking your meal to the lawn for a good ole fashion picnic.

Maybe you’re not dining at brunch and simply want a perfect date night, or photo-worthy girls’ night out, you can still picnic.

Baskets are available Thursday-Sunday for $16.95 a person. The basket includes sammies, veggies, cold queso, homemade chips, banana pudding and more delectable bites from The Rustic menu. You even get a blanket to sit on, but sad face, you have to turn it in with the basket.

If you’re feeling a little thirsty, which let’s face it, is always me, grab yourself a bottle of wine or any summer cocktail. I tend to go for a Vodka Lemonade, but who can resist buying a bottle of wine in this setting?

Anyways, the point is, whoever you are, whatever your reasoning, come take advantage of this spectacular Dallas weather with an Instagramable-picnic.


#SMUHateWeek sips

Here a few tasty drinks that are perfect for anytime of the day… especially at 8 am on this Saturday mornin’!

Stormy Morning Cocktail // looks tasty… and it’s festive! You can bet I’ll be drinking this in a few days!



Sarasota Lemonade // Simple to make and goes down like candy!

Sarasota Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade // Malibu is one of my favorite alcohols… and I’m a big lemonade gal, needless to say it’s perfection!

Raspberry Lemonade

#SMUHateWeek bites

An 11am kickoff means 2 things….

1) BREAKFAST! 2) Early to bed on Friday! Let’s focus on the positive of the two (breakfast, for those of you who couldn’t figure that one out…).

Horned Frog Breakfast aka Eat-Calories-to-Assist-with-Alcohol-Consumption-and-Not-Blacking-Out Breakfast

Pony Down Fruit Salad // Soak watermelon, grapes, strawberries & pineapple in alcohol of choice. Let soak overnight. Place in a bowl. Serve.

Alcohol Fruit

Fort Worth French Toast Casserole // As see on Life Love Sugar

French Toast

DFW is Lucky (Charms) to Have TCU Treats // as seen on Sally’s Baking Addiction

Lucky Charms

Bacon Straight From TCU’s Iron Skillet // Defeat SMU. Receive Iron Skillet. Cook great bacon. Enjoy it.

Iron Skillet

Enjoy! Go Frogs!

Frozen Goodness

Day 17 of the Challenge. You can bet your ass I’ve had a sweet craving or ten.

Although I’ve done a stellar job staying clear of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, I can’t say that I’ve stayed away from frozen goodies completely. Here are two of my favorite ways to cure these cravings (both involve Greek Yogurt & very minimal cheating): YASSO & FROZEN RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE.

YASOO bars are quite possibly the tasty form of Greek Yogurt I’ve ever experienced. I mean damn. I’m personally a big fan of the Sea Salt Carmel & the Peanut Butter Cup. This is partly because these are 2 of the 4 flavors that Tom Thumb carries… & partly because they both really rock- & fit the challenge requirements (basically).

YASSO nutrition YASSO carmel

My other craving requires a little more work. I’ve mastered the perfect blend of Greek Yogurt, Almond Milk, Brown Sugar, Spinach & Raspberries.

1/4 C NonFat Greek Yogurt

1 T Light Brown Sugar

Pinch of Baby Spinach (4 or 5 leaves)

1 C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

7 Ice Cubs (fewer if you like it more liquid-y… I prefer a thick texture)

Blend & enjoy!

What I’m Craving Wednesday {8/20}

Last night my life changed. It truly did. Ask Laura if you don’t believe me! 

In a search for finding the perfect gift for Kitty, Laura and I stumbled upon Dude, Sweet Chocolate. I’ve walked by the store front in Lowest Greenville many times, but I’d never wandered in. We decided to give it a go. 

The store is set up very nicely. It’s quaint, but still large. It’s very chic, which everyone knows is a huge part of making your business successful these days. From the boxes, to the product names, to the adorable hipster working at the time, it was great. 

But let’s be real, a place can be as trendy as humanly possible, but the product has to match. 

The hipster-worker tempted Laura and I with some samples, and of course we obliged. We tried some of his favorites, some popular gift ideas and then some. The bites were just small enough to be rich without overwhelming us. You see, all of the chocolate recipes are made for different purposes. Some match with wine (cheesy chocolate), some go great on ice cream (sweet chocolate), some are great by themselves… some have alcohol in them… One even reminded me of Nutella, but I was quickly reprimanded for that comparison. Dude, Sweet Chocolate is made without all of the “crap” that’s in Nutella… So I was told 🙂 

Moral of the story. Go there. Now. And bring me back some chocolate… sound good?


Chi Town: Sips & Bites

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I set forth to conquer some tasty eats in Chicago. I knew Deep Dish was “the thing” and that Hot Dogs were a very Chicago thing to try… Awkwardly enough, I didn’t experience either.

I tried to experience Deep Dish on my last night there… but was extremely disappointed. I ordered a personal size pizza and it was the same quality of Pizza Hut. I was quickly told that I shouldn’t base my perception of Chicago Deep Dish on the one pizza experience. So we will wipe that from my memory. It was dreadful.

Strawberry BlondieMy favorite sip from the trip (ahhh see what I did there??) was the Strawberry Blondie from Tavern on Rush. It was incredible. For a girl who is very picky with alcohol, I give 2 giant thumbs up. I could drink these all day and night. Now if only I can find someone in Dallas who makes the same drink…



Strawberry LemonadeWhile exploring Navy Pier I decided to stop by a touristy bar and have a drink. Not much beats people watching, especially in a tourist spot. Helllllo people from polar opposite walks of life. Not to mention the bar had some 90s/early 00s jams playing. I may or may not have been caught singing along to SK8TER BOI. I’ll plead the fifth here. .. Back to what’s important! The drink. Frozen Vodka Strawberry Lemonade. Yum. All of the drinks on the menu had a poolside vibe. I can dig it. If I wasn’t exploring the city I could have sat on the patio overlooking the water and sipped on frozen beverages all day.

CupcakesChanging gears a bit, check out this delicious cupcake from Chicago Cupcake. LIKE DAMN. It’s a cheesecake-esque cupcake. What does that mean exactly? Good question, glad you asked! Basically the cupcake had a TO-DIE-FOR crust on the bottom, and the gooey-ness of cheesecake. I opted for the Peanut Butter Cup… and I would do it again. I overheard a couple discussing one that was pure chocolate and how insanely tasty it was. I’m more of a combo-flavor than single-flavor-overload type of girl, so I feel I made the best choice for my taste buds. I would do it again.

I had a pretty decent Italian Sausage Sandwich. It had a much fancier name, but that’s all I recall at the moment. It had green peppers, red peppers, a tiny bit of onion and obviously a sausage, on a pretty tasty bun. It was good. Nothing to call home about though. It was a local dive (or so I assumed) on State Street called The Bar Below. Would I go back? Sure. Would I be insanely jealous if someone went there without me? Nah.


Not normally one to flip over for breakfast foods… but this was delish. Shoutout to ArgoTea for not having any frozen beverages to satisfy my craving though.. I’m willing to forgive this menu exclusion considering how much my mouth watered before, during and after eating this amazing Chocolate Croissant… and water.


The atmosphere of Rockit Burger was perfection. Very hip. Incredibly trendy. It was a great place to enjoy a great meal with the boss-men. I may have sang the praises of the Sweet Potato Fries the entire afternoon. The Rockit Cheeseburger was yummy, too! And let me be frank here, I normally don’t like Mac N Cheese… but the Buffalo Macaroni was melt in your mouth amazing. Try it! Try it ALL! And bring me fries… 🙂

I can’t wait to head back to Chicago and give Deep Dish another shot! And continue to find great local joints around the city. Any suggestions? Let me know!

Cheers, Chicago!

Run, Drink, Be Social


Are you a runner? Are you a walker? Are you a jogger?

Do you drink? Do you eat? Do you like to eat and drink with special prices?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… and enjoy being with friends, meeting new people, being active or playing backyard games… then you need to sign up for the July 17th Pub Run NOW!

For $10 you get a Corona Light, all the backyard games at Social House your heart desires and a great 5k social run mapped out for you by DFWRuns! …and you get to hang out with yours truly! 🙂

Sign up can be found here.

Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook, and share it with all your friends! Can’t wait to see you next Thursday at Social House!