So many concerts, so little time!

Sup, music lovers? It’s been a busy time for concert announcements- better grab your calendars & credit cards… these are shows y’all do not want to miss out on.


Northern National | Local Favorite

We all know my obsession with indie-rock and X-Ambassadors is very real, and very alive. So when I tell you I’ve found something in the same realm of hip lyrics, raw talent, fun sound, big energy… you best believe it. Northern National is a five piece band- local to the DFW metroplex- that has that indie-rock it factor. Jump on the fan-train now, because these guys are bound to be bigger than simply a Dallas favorite.

Released only a few weeks ago, their EP The New Age has 5 really cool songs. I know what you’re thinking, everyone thinks they’re cool, esp in this genre, but this is actually cool. The songs really get you going. They leave you thinking about them even after they fade away.

The opening track, which happens to be the title track, kicks it off with high energy and makes you want to jam along. When you listen, I dare you to not tap your foot or move your head along with the music. I freakin’ dare you.

Dallas is probably my favorite track on the album, bias because I live here? Maybe.  But it could also be the soulful chorus that really gets me. It’s a slower song, but still has that same energy. I just imagine this song being stripped down, in a small room, powerful vocals and the crowd getting chills. That’s how I imagine it every time I sing along “Dallas, save my soul. Dallas, bring her home.”

Streamed over 330,000 times on Spotify, it’s no wonder Love Is Fire is a hit. Super sexual and suave lyrics without being in your face with dirty sexy.  It’s love. It’s sex. It’s something that you dance along to. It makes you feel the fire. Oh, and the music video for this (check it out on YouTube) is pretty rad.

I for one cannot wait to get my hands on some new music, but in the meantime I have no issues playing their EP on repeat. For real though, my Spotify history is either embarrassing or really cool depending on who you ask… Northern National / X Ambassadors / Lewis Del Mar / Walker Hayes and that’s about it right now, but I’m not hating.

See the guys live at Aardvark on Dec 2 and again Dec 8 at The Rustic! And while you wait for these shows, check Northern National out online (and thank me later).

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