More Camo Please

I could not be more obsessed with this fall trend. Give me all of the dark greens. All of the camo. All of it.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces to add to your closet this season…


Halloween Sixteen

Halloween is just around the corner & I’m sure 97% of y’all are in “oh shit, what should I be” mode. If I’m wrong, holla at your girl & tell me what you have planned- but if I’m right, no judgement, and here are some fun ideas!

Feeling punny? Try this…

SNAPCHAT:  Carry around some gingersnaps/snappeas/band snap fireworks AND you cell (as if you wouldn’t already have it with you). Use your phone to CHAT and the food for some SNAP.


Digging pop-culture? Try this…

Becky With The Good Hair: Yellow dress, curly hair, baseball bat.. need I say more for Bey? And Becky, make sure your hair looks luscious and rock this shirt (best investment ever, if you ask me).


DJ Kahled: Where do I begin? Step 1, hair line + beard… Step 2, slip on sandals.., Step 3, gold chain… Step 4, KEY (a major one)…  after that we have a few routes to take… we have “journey through life via jetski” in which you need a life jacket and swim trunks.. or you could “workout DJ” and do a white tank + baggy shorts + beats headphones… or even a “more “classic Kahled” look and do a white t shirt with grey sweats. No matter which look you go, you’re required to Snapchat the entire night and show lots of fan luv.


Going out as a group? Try this…

#KimExposedTaylorParty: I’m not gonna sugar coat it… this is my #1 Halloween idea that I want to do. The hard part will be finding a group, the easy part is playing a part of the madness. You’ll need a Taylor (duh), Kayne + Kim, Calvin, Katy and Demi. Taylor should be a blonde or have access to a blonde wig, throw on some high wasted shorts and a crop (for extra points wear an I

Need a pair costume? Try this…

Penelope & North: Come on, y’all, how cute is this? One of you get a white bodysuit + tutu and the other a black, and tada! You’re dressed to impress. Throw your hair in a dancers bun, of course, and for extra credit find a few more friends to be Yeezy, Lord Disick, Kourt & Kim!


Broad City: For Abbi, what better look than her Soulstice uniform? You’ll be cute AND comfy AF. Get a black workout tank and write the word TRAINER across the front. Throw your hair in a pony and tie a blue bandanna around it. For XXX, have a little fun with bright colors and a shirt that says YAS QUEEN on it. Curl your hair into the cutest afro, and obviously be as lazy as possible all night long.

Bold Necklaces & Bolder Brows

I’m the first to admit I can be a lazy SOB when it comes to accessorizing. Granted, it comes in waves, but the wave I’m riding right now is my throw on a choker and call it a day. Maybe leave a Kendra Scott piece on if I’m feeling fancy. But I couldn’t resist this bad boy from Mirina Collections.

FullSizeRender (1)
It’s bold. It’s edgy. It’s in your face. And it layers well with chokers… so it’s the real MVP 😉 It’s a tiny bit heavy, but if I can wear it all day, so you can you.

I paired the statement necklace with a black + silver chokers (S/O to Urban).

FullSizeRender (2)

The whole outfit was relatively inexpensive. Tank is from H&M, end of last season… literally cost me $5. The lacey bralette is from Victoria Secret (shocker, right?). Jeans are ridiculously comfy and from Old Navy. I want to say I spent $20 on them… if that. The booties are from LF in Dallas. Easily the most expensive part of my outfit, but so stinking worth it. I get compliments on these booties every time I wear them (which is 3-5 times a week, whoops). Needless to say I’m getting my money’s worth!


Now fashion aside, can we take a minute to discuss my brows? CHECK THEM OUT. Micro-blading is the freakin’ bees’ knees. I’m so lucky to have BladedBrows in my life. Want bold brows for yourself? Call Etre Belle and set up a consultation! You don’t have to go full blown Cara, that’s just my personal look. Bold necklaces & bolder brows. Xx


Gypsy Wagon Finds

I’m a big fan of the #ShopLocal movement. And probably an even bigger fan of Gypsy Wagon. I was a little hesitant about going into the store, shoot, it took me a year of living in Dallas and following them on Insta before I walked in the doors. The price point is absolutely what held me back at first, but now that I frequent the store, I know that you can find things in any price range.  Here are just a few of my favorite pieces that I can’t stop wearing..

I was able to snag this adorable yellow tank and pair it with the colorful kimono, total cost was around $70. The best part is how versatile the layers are. I’ve worn the tank with a leather jacket during the fall, the kimono over a swimsuit for a cover-up and the pair with shorts and jeans…

2016-05-22 16.16.47

2016-05-16 21.00.27

Can we take a quick minute and address how ADORABLE this Free People dress is? Thank goodness the girls at the store take a sincere interest in their shoppers… if it weren’t for Katie and Colleen, I wouldn’t have seen this dress. They’ve gotten to  know me as a person and my style. It was a little on the higher end of my budget, coming in about $120, but it’s worth every penny. True life I’ve already worn it 3 times and I’ve barely owned it a week.. I prefer to pair with some booties, but you can throw on a wedge or flats and call it a day.

2016-05-11 19.14.31


Head over to Gypsy Wagon and check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, trust. xx

#NoFOMO This Summer

You know I’m rocking that ‪#‎TargetStyle‬ all summer long! Target swimsuits come in an incredible variety- and such cute styles. I’m saying YES to beach days & pool season, ‪#‎NoFOMO‬ here!

I’m totally in love with Target’s #NoFOMO campaign. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, this campaign is all about feeling confident and fearless all summer long. Shake off those body insecurities and rock a cute bikini, tankini, one-piece, whatever your heart desires!

I’ve struggled with feeling confident in the summer, well all year long for that matter. But this year I’m making the pledge to exude confidence and to be happy in my own skin. I took the #NoFOMO pledge and had the time of my life in Cabo. I hope you do the same. xx


Swimsuit details // String Bikini Bottoms $14.99 – High Neck Strappy Back Bikini – $17.99strappy back

Bold Lips & Grungy Vibes #OOTD

With fall being only a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about slight wardrobe changes. Luckily for us Texans, the weather won’t be a factor in our outfit choices just yet…

Although layering is cute year round, I think the fall is the perfect time to experiment with it. Vests ranging from light and lacey, to thick and fleecy, and everything in between… Today I went with a classic denim vest (I guarantee you’ll be seeing more where this came from…!) layered on top of a casual shift dress.

2015-09-16 18.16.59

Moment of complete honesty, y’all, this dress was purchased when I was 16 and I wore it on a college visit in Miami… To anyone who says to throw out all of your clothes, don’t listen! 😉 

To keep in line with the grungy/90s look of the dress + denim, I went with an easy shoe (because who says Chucks don’t go well with EVERYTHING?).

2015-09-16 18.20.31

I dress up the casual look just a tad bit with some dark lips (NARS) and an intense brow (MAC color… shape by Jillian at Mini Luxe).

2015-09-16 18.18.32

Accessorizing can be tricky when you’re trying to keep it casual, but not too casual. This gold chain from Banana Republic can be played up or played down depending on what it’s paired with, and that played a huge part is spending the money on it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn this, it’s so completely and totally worth the investment.

2015-09-16 18.17.40

Now let’s talk arm candy… I’m absolutely OBSESSED with my leather wrap bracelet by Nakamol from my first Rocksbox shipment! I’ve been paring it with everything. You can bet your dollar that I bought this so I can keep it forever! (side note: can’t wait to see what comes this week, eeek!) I threw on some Alix & Ani bracelets over the wrap to make it a bit chunkier, and on the other arm kept it simple with some layering bracelets.


Interested in trying Rocksbox? Use code casersxoxo for a free month 🙂

New Obsession: Rocksbox

Have you heard of Rocksbox? Neither had I until I received an email a few weeks back… and my life has forever been changed.

Rocksbox is the premiere destination to borrow jewelry before you buy. For a monthly fee, Rocksbox members receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time. We feature 30+ amazing designers including Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and Loren Hope.”

Let’s break it down a bit, cool?

Rocksbox sends you rad jewelry based on a few factors including a style quiz, your wishlist and events coming up. It’s basically Netflix for accessories.

No more dropping $100 on a Kendra necklace to go with your football outfit… Another $100 for the perfect bracelet to accent your formal dress… Another $60 because wraps are cool (for now).

Short term use, high end accessories, low price. Seriously. Receive a shipment of a 3 pieces, wear ’em around a bit and you can send ’em back as early, or late, as you see fit.

My first order came in the mail yesterday… The packaging in itself made me feel a little giddy and slightly spoiled. ALSO- the packaging is reusable and comes with a shipping return label. How easy can they make this??

2015-08-03 19.27.38

The goodies inside were to die for. A personalized note from the Rocksbox team let me know that they kept my wishlist (gold layering necklace from Sophie Harper) and my upcoming trip to Vegas in mind with the set.


Stay tuned to see how I wear the gorgeous pieces! In the meantime, check it our for yourself. Use code casersxoxo to get a free trial month!


Pendant Necklace by Sophie Harper

Necklace by Sophie Harper

Studs by House of Harlow

Studs by House of Harlow

Wrap Bracelet by Nakamol

Wrap Bracelet by Nakamol


I might have a slight obsession with denim… but if I’m obsessed for good reasons, should I really worry? I vote no.
Denim Laughs
“Keep is simple this spring with a muscle tee and skinnys” (or in this case Ultimate Leggings from Victoria Secret). I’ve said it 1,000 times.

For this outfit I “grunged” it up a bit by throwing on an over-sized denim cutoff. The bleaching on this sucker is so SICK! I love it. Guess what, it cost me $11 at Buffalo Exchange! And I had store credit from my trade in… talk about a deal, right?
denim outfitdenim ponders

Keep it simple, keep it cool. Enjoy the in-between weather and have fun playing with layering… after all, that’s what spring is all about, yah?


denim style