Salata Brings Enjoy-Mint To June

Just because I can’t partake in the Enjoy-Mint, doesn’t mean you can’t! Salata (one of my favorite salad shops), is introducing mint into the toppings lineup for the month of June.

Mint has multiple health benefits and is packed with antioxidants, promotes digestion, is low in calories (holla) and has ZERO fat. Then sounds like a win, win, win to me. Added flavor without the excessive calories (cause tbh calories are meant for happy things like icecream).

Salads and wraps can be customized to fit your day-to-day cravings, or you can try one of the featured combos at Salata.

Salad 1: spinach and kale mix, radish, cucumber, chickpeas, carrots, corn, mint, grilled chicken and fresh herb vinaigrette

Salad 2: Salata Mix, tomato, red onion, mint, blue cheese, quinoa, olive oil, walnuts and croutons.

Fun fact- Salata has over 50 toppings and 10 house made dressings so your cravings really are top priority when you stop by. And since I’m on the road until end of June.. can someone go try Salad 2 without tomatoes? It sounds amazing.


True Food Kitchen Preview Night

You know what’s amazing? Well, a lot of things are, that was a poor question.

But anyways, eating delicious food without the guilt. Yup, that’s spectacular.

Tonight Austin and I had an amazing date night previewing True Food Kitchen at Legacy West in Plano. The traffic getting there was a little rough, but Waze got us there just in time for our reservation. We were able to find parking easily- but totally missed that there was valet. We walked in the wrong door (shocker, we parked in the back by accident), but right away were greeted by a friendly face showing us the way to the hostess.

The hostesses were welcoming and accommodating- we were seated right away. Our server greeted us with a smile and told us all about the specials. It was a preview night, so there was training involved, but we were never less than impressed by Rashied and the rest of the True Food Kitchen team.

Starting off with drinks- I went with the Skinny Citrus Margarita and Austin had the Peacemaker- YUM. My drink was refreshing and light, no sugar and syrupy taste of a normal margarita. The Peacemaker was sour yet sweet, just like the work week ending.

So many apps looked appealing- but I went with a game time decision to order Hummus. HELLLLLLO GOODNESS. You know something’s grand when the only “complaint” is how the pita bread is plated… which is the lamest negative thing I have probably ever said.

Main courses were Steak Tacos and Red Chile Noodle Bowl with Shrimp. Almost got the bass, but Austin knows that steak is the way to my heart… Tacos weren’t bad, but they didn’t quite live up to the bowl. The bowl was full of spice and flavor- and the ratio of shrimp/noodle/veggies was perfect. Austin and I had to force ourselves to stop eating to save room for desserts.

No one’s shocked to hear we got Flourless Chocolate Cake (with a scoop of ice cream, cause duh). Austin said it’s like a perfect bite size brownie- addicting and sweet, but somehow healthy. I was a little preoccupied with the ice-cream and chatting with my friend Sarah from DallasLoveList who popped by the table.

Price points were extremely reasonable considering we had drinks + a full meal. Service made the night over the top. True Food Kitchen officially opens up Tuesday May 23- and I highly recommend you give it a go. I know we’ll be back to try a few more things on the menu!

7601 Windrose Ave
Plano, TX 75024
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Spray Me Down

Y’all know how pale I can get in the summer, and that breaks my little heart. I get SO dark after just a time or two in the sun, but when it gets cold and dreary, my body rebels.

PTL that I met Stefanie! She’s the owner (and bronzing extraordinaire) of mobile spray tanning company The Bronzetique Tan (if you’re still stuck on PTL, it means Praise The Lord…now moving on…).
What’s special about this tanning is it’s not from some machine.. it’s a human doing a personalized application of color for you. The color is violet based- which means yes, you could look a little purple if you’re mega pale right after, but it goes away. The darkness of your color is totally based on the application pressure, it’s one solution for everyone. Also, BONUS, since it isn’t a machine, your hands aren’t going to end up orange.
The color is going to look really dark when you leave, fair warning. BUT, it gets better. You let the color soak in, overnight if possible, then shower. After your first shower the color starts to fade to a more normal shade.
From start to finish, Stefanie made me feel SO comfortable. I went to her, but she can also come to you (which is great if you’re tanning with a few friends before a big event!). The process took max 15 minutes. I decided to tan with bikini bottoms on, but only to show y’all my tan line! You can tan in whatever makes you feel comfortable. She’s sweet as can be, but professional as hell. I can promise you I’ll be back- whether I’m feeling pale in December, or have a spring/fall event- there’s no question she’s my new go-to girl.
She is located up in Plano, 2237 W Parker Rd, for those of you taking notes. And you don’t have to take my word for it- check her out on Instagram or Yelp to hear more about what people are saying.
spray tan

MiniLuxe, Major Treatment

Y’all, can we take a minute to reflect on how much we are constantly on our feet- weather it’s cycling (oh hey ZYN22 talking to you), at the gym, working, cleaning, you name it… and while we’re reflecting, let’s talk about STRESS. Yup, that ugly word. So now that we all feel sorry for ourselves (my b), let’s talk about a small step to fixing this.


Yup, that’s it. Feet. Spa. Toenails. You name the buzzword. But at the end of the day, a pedicure makes all (most) of your worries go away.

MiniLuxe is my go-to destination for pedicures. From the booking process, to the aftermath, MiniLuxe is 5 star treatment the entire way. It’s easy to book online or call the concierge desk- and with multiple locations and long hours, it’s not hard to get an appointment. Once you walk into the store, you’re greeted my a friendly staff- in a beautifully decorated waiting area. You’ll get a glass of wine- or water if that floats your boat- and pick your color.

The technicians are amazingly talented at what they do. You’ll get a little scrub, massage, toe clean up, color change – all great quality and done by a friendly team member. I have NEVER had a bad experience with this place and I have been going for years, y’all. That says something.

The relaxation is real. The massage is great. The color lasts forever. All in all, it’s a WIN.

Who wants to come with me next time?

So many concerts, so little time!

Sup, music lovers? It’s been a busy time for concert announcements- better grab your calendars & credit cards… these are shows y’all do not want to miss out on.

Public School Staff Needs To Go Back To School

I was at Public School last night for dinner. We arrived a little before 8:30pm for our 8:30 reservation. The place was fairly empty- a few servers- we were excited to have a night with our group of friends without the chaos of a busy place. Our drink orders were taken quickly, I ordered a well vodka Moscow Mule, but it took a little while to get the drinks. We weren’t in a rush so it didn’t bother us much.

Unfortunately the excitement didn’t last much longer. Our server was unknowledgeable about quite a few things. I asked him about the Recess food specials, and he had no idea. He started telling me about the beer flights after specifically enquiring about food. Then got defensive when I interrupted and asked about the food (I wasn’t ordering another drink, I just got served my mule). He told me he didn’t know the specials and that there wasn’t a specific percentage off or discount. He kept rambling about not knowing and that they were “just cheaper apps”. He eventually told me about a 2nd piece of collateral on the table that hide prices. Great! Too bad he didn’t start with that..

We finally got a chance to order food- I went with the PB&J Burger – cooked medium with fries. I’m doing an Uptown Influencer Takeover on Instagram this week and thought this could be a fun burger to share with everyone! Much to my dismay, my burger was dry and overcooked and not plated well. My friend across from me ordered the PB&J Burger Bites, but was given the exact same plate as me.

I told our server (after having time to eat all of the fries and a few bites of the burger), about the burger and how it was cooked. I told him “I don’t want another burger, it’s late, I just wanted to tell you that both burgers aren’t cooked as we ordered.” He never apologized but walked away, presuming he went to get a manager. When he came back the next time to see if we wanted checks, he said the manager had comped my burger and, I quote, “it’s late at night, you know how the cooks get it, they’re a little heavy handed”. This was the icing on the cake for me. If he, or a manager, would have simply apologized I wouldn’t have been irritated.

At this point I was frustrated, but just wanted to get home. The service has been sub par all night- not filling our 3 empty water carafes on the table, not checking on the table, taking awhile to bring the ketchup I asked for.

Then our checks came, and yes, burger was comped. But my “well vodka” mule had an upcharge on it. I didn’t say anything because I was exhausted and at the end of the day I’m not worried about a few dollars. But the principle behind asking for well and then getting an upcharge is frustrating from the consumer side.

The whole experience wasn’t terrible. My friends had an amazing BBQ Chicken Salad- and the Macaroni looked amazing. The collateral on the table was super cute. My mule was mixed well. And the space is nice. But unfortunately the negative overshadows the positive on this night out with friends.

Off The Rails: Giveaway

GIVEAWAY ALERT: I’ve partnered with some of my favorite DFW businesses to give one lucky follower the ultimate Off The Rails weekend!


2 Tickets to #OTR17 
Dry Shampoo Blowouts from Sarah King
2 Texas Tees from Tumbleweed Textiles
2 Spray Tans by GlowwTan 
2 Pieces of All The Wire Jewelry
2 Cookie Arrangements from Cleary Cookies

DETAILS: The giveaway will run for 72  hours from 4/27 to 4/30 at 8pm CST and the winner will be announced within 24 hours after the giveaway has ended. Winners must have a PUBLIC Instagram account at the time of drawing so we can verify you are following everyone!

Kick Ass in Spin Class

Zyn22, you got me, you got me real good.

Thanks to your amazing customer service & deep rooted belief in the Zyn way, I have been sold and now understand why my friends go many times a week. It’s a damn good workout with the right instructor.
In case y’all didn’t read my post last week- I didn’t quite enjoy my first experience. The music, the choreography, it just didn’t work for me. But I went to Roger’s class on Tuesday night and I completely changed my opinion. Roger yelled, but in the right way.  He motivated us with humor- we learned quickly, if he asks how we’re doing and it’s silent, that means TURN. IT. UP. By the end of class we were collectively loud and cheering when he asked us questions.
Cheesy, maybe, but I’ll take this over the “be one with you and the bike” speak any day.
I loved that Roger would yell and tell us to push harder and “make our asses hurt” because it motivated me- motivated me so much that I got 6th in class… Yup, the non-cycler cycled her big ass off.
I didn’t even realize that when Roger said “we’re riding home” that it was actually the last song of the class- yup- the boredom didn’t hit me, ever…
There were still a few things that I didn’t quite grasp choreography wise, but it was a huge improvement from the class before. I loved that Roger made a point to ask who was new and also gave tips on how to pick pup on the choreography. At the end of class he made a point to fist bump every last person and give off some good vibes. And he saved the mental fitness talk for the stretch- praise the lord- and it was more real. Essentially he said don’t talk shit on yourself & don’t take shit on others. We worked our ass off in class and shouldn’t waste it with a negative Nancy attitude at home that night.
One thing is for sure- I’ll let Roger kick my ass into shape again.
Thanks, Zyn, for showing me that I too can kick ass in a spin class.

Spin, Baby, Spin

So, I took a cycle class the other day and by a cycle class, I actually mean I have now gone to three in the past two weeks. Holy cow, right?! I’m not quite sure who I am or when I decided to become a cycler, but I was intrigued when all of my friends were become annoying and obsessive over it.

I started with The Ride House– which is where one of my coworkers goes AND it’s convenient to get to after/before work. After TRH, I gave Zyn22 in Uptown (which my entire group text attends) a try.

Let me preface the rest of this post (anyone still reading or did I lose ya?) by saying I have taken one spin class in my entire life before this and I hated it. I didn’t feel like I got a good workout- didn’t like the music- I fell out of my shoe clips- it was bad. And this was at the start of my ClassPass journey when everything else was so sparkly and exciting- like City Surf, Barre and JumpPilates- and then there was the boring spin class.

So back to present time. I went to a Nicki Minaj class at TRH where Allen was the teacher. The whole staff was great- they found out it was my first time, got my shoes, gave me a tour, set up my bike for me- all around a super friendly crew that started off me off on the right foot (lol pun intended). During class, Allen was on his bike and had a co-instructor, which I thought was rad. Nicki was blaring, we were all riding, it was actually pretty great. I was encouraged, or rather pumped up, to ride harder and keep on twisting my knob. Allen knew how to give cues that connected with my brain, even as a newbie. The choreography, sometimes tricky, was manageable. I got a little bored about 25 minutes into it- but then a Nicki song I’m obsessed with came on and helped me ride it home. Allen was incredibly cool after class- he noticed it was my first time and gave me a high-five after class and we talked briefly. BTW- you get a cool towel when you leave and that was AMAZING and unexpected.

The next class I tried was a slightly different experience. I went to Zyn22 and they were super friendly, super cool- loved the amenities- but I hated the class. I took from a guy named Mike and all of the music was techno. Let’s be real, I last about 30 minutes without getting bored in a cycle class where I enjoyed the music, so I could tell pretty early on that this was going to be bad. Not only did we have techno music but he decided to get off of his bike and give us inspirational, dig down deep in your heart while I sway side to side shit. I didn’t hear what he said because all I heard was “dig down deep” and then my mind started saying get on your mother freaking bike bro…

He didn’t acknowledge me after class, but not the end of the world for me. However one of my friends asked me what I thought and I told her I hated it… which was awkward AF because everyone heard me and got really quiet super awkward. Honestly, the music and style just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t pick up on the choreography and then when he wasn’t on the bike, I had to look around the room to try and find someone to follow. BUT, kudos to the Zyn team for realizing I didn’t like my class- I’m trying it again with a different instructor… We’ll see how it goes.

If it’s anything like my 2nd Ride House class, then I’m in for a good class. (PSA 2 free classes here! Use it or lose it.) I did a 6:30AM (yup AM) class that was Chainsmokers theme. I somehow burned even more calories in this one then my first go around.. I guess music really helps me cycle harder! Don’t get me wrong, I still got a little bored around the 30 minute mark BUT just as I started to lose my attention span, a killer song came on followed by the instructor yelling at us to pick it up.

All in all I’m glad I’m attempting to get on the cycle train. Guess we’ll see how long I can continue- or if I let boredom win. Stay tuned…

Spring Picnic

Spring has sprung and patio weather has arrived. Which also means patio crowds are in full force. The Rustic is offering you a way to avoid the hassle of waiting for a table by taking your meal to the lawn for a good ole fashion picnic.

Maybe you’re not dining at brunch and simply want a perfect date night, or photo-worthy girls’ night out, you can still picnic.

Baskets are available Thursday-Sunday for $16.95 a person. The basket includes sammies, veggies, cold queso, homemade chips, banana pudding and more delectable bites from The Rustic menu. You even get a blanket to sit on, but sad face, you have to turn it in with the basket.

If you’re feeling a little thirsty, which let’s face it, is always me, grab yourself a bottle of wine or any summer cocktail. I tend to go for a Vodka Lemonade, but who can resist buying a bottle of wine in this setting?

Anyways, the point is, whoever you are, whatever your reasoning, come take advantage of this spectacular Dallas weather with an Instagramable-picnic.