Oh Hi O is for Loving Fans

We had the really bright idea to drive straight through from Traverse City last night. I may or may not have slept in the 8 hour van ride (heavy on the may not). There’s just something about that back middle seat that kills my body, and my body I mean knee. And it also kill my opportunity to sleep because you’re basically floating in midair. Anyways, y’all don’t need to hear me complain about my long ride.

Let’s talk about the AMAZING Blue Crew who welcomed our NN team in with welcome arms. We met them at Niagara Falls and they have been nothing but amazing ever since. They let us take showers and naps in their hotel room today- greeted us with homemade cookie platters- and helped keep up with the meter for the van. All of this on top of just being plain awesome people.

Fans in general on this tour have been amazing. People watching has always been a hobby, but this tour has taken it to a whole different level. I have met so many people from various walks of life. Everyone has one thing in common and that’s their love for music, and Blue October.

Music truly changes people’s lives. It creates bonds and memories that will never be broken. It reminds me why I love this industry. Why I put up with sleepless nights and days that are a little bit smelly- and boys that I want to punch in the face. Music brings people together and getting to be a small part of brining people together makes me feel complete. It’s a passion. It’s a dream. But at the end of the day, it’s what I witness in others that keeps me going on this journey.

XX c


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