Working Woman

So today we arrive in Traverse City- after driving straight through the night from NYC. Full disclosure, today has been a cranky Casey day. The lack of sleep- annoyance with people- being crammed in a van- who knows the exact reason, but it’s a thing.

I was the first to go to bed for the afternoon and first to wake up. When I woke up I decided to go work- but the hotel wifi didn’t agree with me. I mean, first off, they claimed to have a business center but it was a desk in the lobby……. so I should have expected terrible wifi.

Next poor choice was thinking that a 2 mile walk to a coffee shop was the best way to get wifi- and some alone time. About .8 miles into the walk, I was sick of carrying a heavy backpack and looked up Uber & Lyft only to see that neither existed there. COOL. So I turned around and made the hike home- stopping by Wendy’s and discovering their wifi was also very unreliable. How’s a girl supposed to work without wifi?!?!!

So the first world problem was solved as I settled back into the hotel lobby to finish working.

Honestly, no one told me just how tricky it would be to try to keep up with work on the road. It’s not that the work isn’t manageable, it’s more that you work at odd hours of the night/day and you never know when someone might reply to your emails. Certainly counting my blessings that I’m able to keep up with my contract gigs while I’m gone. Girl has to have some money flowing in to eat!!! Any by eat, I mean the ice cream I had in New York…..

On that note. I’m done with my to-do list for today and a shower sounds mighty fantastic. So I’ll leave you with this parting thought- S/O to my mom for raising me to be a hard worker, because had that value not be instilled in me my whole life, this tour would have eaten me up alive.

xx c


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