We’re in Irving! Plaza That Is…

So we have a show here at Irving Plaza- honestly the first time I’ll be at a concert at an indoor venue in NYC (flashback to Beyonce last year at Citi Field.. RIP to my liver). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I had heard that load in would be killer and that we would have to go through metal detectors. At least none of that was a surprise!

The venue itself is gorgeous and old. It definitely is what I expected an NYC club to look like. Our march area is crammed in the hallway, so we probably won’t sell much, and we don’t have a dressing room.

There are a plethora of music industry folks on the guest list tonight- and a few of my NYC friends! Most importantly, Rossi’s wife and sister. Needless to say tonight is a big show on all accords.

The sad part about today is it’s our last day with my Blue October pal Dylan. I’ve gotten to know quite a few of their crew and band members, but Dylan (merch) has become my favorite pal. He’s off to another tour after this gig.. so Dylan, if you’re reading this, get your butt to Texas soon!

Ready for a plot twist? I actually put makeup on today.. AND… dressed in a cute LF outfit. And the sad part is the venue is so damn cold that I have to bundle up in a couple hoodies.

Today has been pretty calm as far as TM duties go- getting load in taken care of (despite the

metal detector thing), making sure the guys have water + beer, stage is good, march is set up, etc. I think the hardest part about today is going to be making our buyout go far enough to get everyone a meal in NYC.

And on that note, sound check has begun, and my butt has to get back to work.

xx C


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