Fallin’ In Love With Niagara

Sitting here watching Blue October’s set in Niagara Falls and wondering if this is even real life. Today we got to see a beautiful place, that honestly I probably would have never traveled to had it not been for this trip. Then tonight we get to be a part of an insane show. Later tonight we’ll drive into NYC and hang out there for the weekend. Road life is killer, y’all.

It’s amazing looking back at what I was doing a month ago and what I thought I’d be doing this week- lord knows it was not hanging out in New York with a couple of rock bands. Life surprises you.

I don’t think it will ever hit me until the tour is over that we are out on tour. I find myself saying we’re on the first week of the road every day, even tough we’re 1/3 of the way through. Every day I’m learning something new- about myself, about the bands, about the job- every day feels like the first day out here. But on that same note, it also feels like we’ve been out here for months, or maybe that’s just my body saying it’s time to get out of the van… Who knows.

But anyways, the experiences I am having are rocking my world. I am crossing so many things off my bucket list- and hopefully many more things still to come. Looking back at how I got here, I’m really glad that it worked out the way it did. I don’t think I was ever quite ready for road life until now- and I don’t think I would have been satisfied hopping on as a PA. Diving head first into this life has been such a blessing.

I know I’ve been on the road awhile because my mind is going 100 miles an hour in different directions. This post is no exception. My ADD is at an all time high.

Like now, I just got distracted by an adorable couple that put their arms around each other in front of the march table. They have to be 60s, or older. Rocking out together. Loving each other. So cool. I love people watching here.

I guess it’s time to go back to living in the moment. Until tomorrow, xx c.


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