Rockin’ In Rochester

Today can be summarized by 3 things.

  1. Lunch.
  2. College Roomie.
  3. Killer show/venue.

Honorable Mention:  We got to sleep in until noon.

We wandered down to a local hole in the wall Italian place in Rochester called Giuseppe’s. 10/10 would recommend you going there and ordering Chicken Parm. The bread and garlic spread started us off strong, a house Italian salad kept it going and the Chicken Parm brought it up. The encore, Canolis, were the perfect treat later in the day. The helpings were crazy big and the flavor was incredible. And it was cheap. A big thank you to the entire team there for making us feel at home.

Since we were in Rochester, of course Elise has to come by and hang out! Thank goodness she did, I missed that girl. It’s weird going from living most of your college life with someone to living in separate states. She’s off in NY kicking ass – and studying to go back to school next year, lord knows her study habits didn’t rub off on me. Elise was a kickass addition to the team last night- and a good breath of fresh air for me. I hadn’t seen a friend in over a week, I needed a little of that taste of home. I know she’s reading this- so E, thanks for coming and hanging. Love you long time.

The venue itself was so modern and neat inside. We loved walking around in the neighborhood and seeing the city. The owner, Phil, made us feel at home, and so did the fans. They were energetic and very happy to have us there. A huge thanks to Rochester for a great experience. This is certainly one place I cannot wait to visit again. And high five to my guys for playing their hearts out.

xx C


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