Still Vrooming

Sometimes you realize how lucky you are at the weirdest times, today is one of them for me. I have someone back home who means the world to me and cares about me. No matter how hard life gets, on the road or anywhere else, I know someone has my back.

*cue the sap*

I needed the couple hours of removing myself from the group and talking to my rock to help get my head back in the game. He knows exactly what to say to help reassure me that chasing my dreams isn’t silly- and he also knows exactly how to push my buttons and make me laugh (cackle) like a hyena.

It’s really weird going from seeing someone every day to not seeing them for a week- and not only are you away from them, but you’re in a high stress, no sleep environment. AKA when you need your bff to be there. We’re definitely still adjusting and trying to learn how to stay up to date in each other’s lives while I’m busy doing tour things and he’s busy living his normal life, but a long phone call makes everything better.

As much as I miss my two dudes, I know they’re keeping each other company. And a few weeks isn’t much time at all in the grand scheme of things.



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