Photo by Abby Stanford

Beach, Please

You know when you’re with the same people 24-7 and in tight quarters? Think family vacation circa middle school. You’re old enough to be annoyed easily, but young enough to get sent to the back of the car. Yup, now that you’re cringing thinking about being stuck in the middle seat in the back of the mini van, you have a small idea what road life is like.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the travel. I have always wanted to road trip and I think that life on the move has been calling me name, well, for forever.

But sometimes it gets a wee bit overwhelming and I really want to strangle everyone. I mean, hug them, really tight, because I love them…

Well lucky for us we had a double dose of days off and decided to make the trek up north to Virginia Beach for a little R&R in a resort (that wasn’t a typo, no Motel 6 for us today!!!!!!!). The break couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. We were starting to get on each other’s nerves and our bodies were hating us for sitting in the van.

Sleeping until 10:55 might have been the most magical thing I could have ever done (woulda slept another hour but real world work woke me up for a 10am show announce..). After catching some desperately needed zzz’s on a comfy bed, I immediately felt more rested than I have all week. I had to be an adult and spend the next 4 hours in the business center working, but after that I met up with the crew at the beach.

The nice thing about the beach resort was that we could split up and do our own thing, or stick with the crew. We weren’t all forced to be in a van all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beach was gorgeous, the water was a little cold but felt nice. After that I made my way to the pool where the other boys were getting their flirt on. Too bad the girls’ had boyfriends, suckas. I got my tan on and enjoyed a little of what I’m missing out on in Dallas. Even made it to the gym before we loaded up for the 10 hour drive up to Rochester. I needed today. We all needed today.

Now we’re sitting in a van again, but instead of cranky and smelly boys, we’re happy and clean (I washed my hair for the first time today… so there’s that). So cheers to another 3 days of shows up in New York.


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