Vroom Vroom

Lots of driving today. Lots of car time- and stop time. Lots of time together.

This morning we addressed things as a team, the hard things. The things that people don’t want to talk about and would rather not acknowledge. We all miss someone back home. We all are selfish. Emotions are heightened and quarters are tight. How do we move forward, how do we make it out on top?

Ya know, if touring was easy everyone would do it. There are so many bands out there that never get out. They either hide behind a keyboard and build fanbases digitally, or they’re content with staying at the same level. These guys are different. They want to reach everyone and they want to do it by physically being in front of them and showing the world what they got- and boy do they got something special.

We’re struggling as a group to figure out how to overcome the hard stuff, but we’re talking about it. We’re opening up communication and working through the kinks rather than bottling it up inside. I commend the boys for this. It’s not easy to admit your faults- and it’s even harder to say you’re sorry.

Every single person in this group gave up something to be here. We’re all doing things without compensation. We are all here because we want to be, and sometimes that’s hard to remember and you find yourself in (as the boys gracefully call it) pissing matches. Each and every single one of us has to remember before we get defensive that no one is profiting and we’re all struggling.

And on that note, I think my struggle of lack of sleep is outweighing my desire to write about the trip. Night night c.


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