Photo by Abby Stanford

Cheers To A Quick Break

Charleston is so pretty. I forgot just how darn pretty it is. I haven’t been here since I was around 15- and I didn’t quite appreciate it the way I do now. This town is adorable and the people are sweet as can be.

Speaking of sweet people, we had some adorable fans that took us out for drinks after the show. Can we talk about how much I needed a vodka tonic or two? After the trek to a very sophisticated bar, we made our way back to the venue area and had drinks with the crew- highlight being that I taught the guys how to play the finger game. That was so worth buying an $8 Fireball shot… or was it worth it?

Socializing is such a big part of the game. You can work with someone at a show, but getting to know them on a different level is crucial to forming bonds in the industry. This is where you really sink or swim. I think we all swam, haven’t seen any casualties yet.

Not everything was pretty today. Tempers were tested. Crowds weren’t perfect. But we powered through, as a team, even if it wasn’t easy. Now off to a few days of time off to relax and regroup.


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