Photo by Abby Stanford

Life Is Pretty Beachin’

I would be lying if I told you I wrote this title before realizing we actually wouldn’t see the beach today, but I didn’t want to change it. We played in St Pete’s and I really thought water was going to be the focus of my post and how I love to travel.. but that’s not really the case.

Tour is starting to wear on everyone- lack of sleep, being cramped up in a van, being with one another 24/7- all factors of delirium and short tempers. But the world isn’t ending, and it’s much more fun to focus on the impact our music is making rather than dwell on the negative. Because at the end of the day, it is all part of the ride.

I have learned the importance of having someone you can vent to about tour. For me, the bf gets the honor. It has to be someone not with the crew (and preferably that doesn’t know the crew), that way you can be as one-sided in your venting as humanly possibly. The venting makes you feel so much better. It releases the tension that builds up inside you and gives you an outlet to be petty AF without upsetting anyone else that you’re with. Not that I’m ever petty, duh.. 😉

Not only does it help to have someone to vent to, but it’s important to be able to share the exciting moments with them, too! Tour is full of ups and downs and the ups shouldn’t go unnoticed. We spend a good hour (plus) after shows in the van talking about the night. The adrenaline is high and the spirits are booming. This is what touring is about. This is why you slum it. The people back home should get to hear this to even out all that shit talking, er, I mean venting…

The other thing I’ve learned about support outside of this van, as much as you might miss someone or somethings (aka my bed and shower…), knowing that someone is proud as heck of you helps settle any nerves and fear that creep in your brain. I can’t even begin to tell you how much a simple “I am so proud of you” text goes. It’s reassurance that even though you’re chasing a dream, you aren’t chasing something just to chase it. You have a purpose and people support it. And, just when you think missing the luxuries of home (aka cuddles with Bear) is the end of the world, a quick FaceTime makes it all better and gets you through the rest of the day.

The lows don’t outweigh the highs, but the lows can’t go unnoticed. If I learned anything the last 24 years is that you have to face everything and not avoid it- because eventually it all boils over.

Xx c


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