Da Van Life Day Dos

Hello, it’s me. Still here- alive and kicking- well, minus the kicking because I’m actually sitting down at march while Blue October plays. But that’s beside the point.

Today we got to sleep in- much needed after getting into Mobile Alabama last night at 4am. AND, we had a homemade breakfast from Mimi (s/o Sean). It was super nice staying in a home vs hotel, but we also know not to get to used to it… because that won’t happen again until we end in KC.

You know, I’ve learned a lot about myself in this short 46 hours (how has it only been a few days?!). I get really insecure when people don’t listen to me. Just when you think you’re perfect (kidding, kind of) you get hit with an imperfection square in the face. I have to learn that not everything, and everyone, thinks things are going to work the way they are supposed to (according to me aka according to the plan).

I was hired on to be the Tour Manager for the leg without knowing everyone going- certainly a disadvantage- but it’s a learning curve I’m excited to continue to master. A lot of people know what they’re good at, but they don’t know the rest. Trying to tell music minded people how to run their lives on the road and not having the relationship and respect is tough, and by tough I mean next to impossible. We are all learning as a team, but I found myself really struggle with this these first few days. I spent time and energy into making schedules, getting with venues, booking hotels… doing things to make the days run smoother.

Structure, I was brought on to do this. I know business. I know music. I was born for this. But everyone else wasn’t born to listen to me, or understand why we do things a certain way. It made me timid, it made me regret dropping everything to join them. That lasted about 3 hot seconds luckily when I realized I was being a cry baby and needed to get a thicker skin and work with my team instead of push against.

BUT anyways, y’all aren’t here to read about the struggles, you want to know the cool shit!

We went to the beach and recorded some seriously rad videos today- stay tuned. We sold a shit ton of CDs. Played to a ROCKING audience. The guys straight up killed it tonight. OH, and last night I slept like a baby on the drive after the show (maybe the Taco Bell, maybe the lack of sleep.. you decide).

Tonight we head back into ‘Bama and then play tomorrow at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Should be a cool time.

And on that note, Blue is ending their set and it’s time to sell some more march and meet some more fans.



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