Salata Brings Enjoy-Mint To June

Just because I can’t partake in the Enjoy-Mint, doesn’t mean you can’t! Salata (one of my favorite salad shops), is introducing mint into the toppings lineup for the month of June.

Mint has multiple health benefits and is packed with antioxidants, promotes digestion, is low in calories (holla) and has ZERO fat. Then sounds like a win, win, win to me. Added flavor without the excessive calories (cause tbh calories are meant for happy things like icecream).

Salads and wraps can be customized to fit your day-to-day cravings, or you can try one of the featured combos at Salata.

Salad 1: spinach and kale mix, radish, cucumber, chickpeas, carrots, corn, mint, grilled chicken and fresh herb vinaigrette

Salad 2: Salata Mix, tomato, red onion, mint, blue cheese, quinoa, olive oil, walnuts and croutons.

Fun fact- Salata has over 50 toppings and 10 house made dressings so your cravings really are top priority when you stop by. And since I’m on the road until end of June.. can someone go try Salad 2 without tomatoes? It sounds amazing.


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