Road Trippin’ on a Long… Month?

We are en route to our first stop (well, first venue I should clarify): Baton Rouge to play at Varsity Theatre. Last night we left Dallas to kick off the month long journey across the states, stopping in Shreveport for a quick 4 hour nap in the middle of the night.

So far no one smells bad, all the boys decided to shower this morning, thank goodness. I did learn pretty quickly that a “quick stop” actually means a half hour stop, apparently 9 people are hard to get in and out of a gas station… who woulda thunk it? Our 3gb of WiFi lasted a solid 12 hours (and remember 4 of those we were asleep). The DJ Kanne has some work to do, but luckily he has 8 passionate music people to help guide him through the ways of not ruining a car ride with bad tunes.

But all jokes aside, we are off. Off to drive a long time. Off to see cities and states we’ve never been to. Off on a journey of a lifetime to perform and perfect our passions. There’s something special when you get a group of passionate, driven, ambitious 20 something year olds together (oh, and Abby). We all have a love for music- some playing, some business, some photos- we all have our place on the trip and we all have a support system here to help along the way.

Although it’s my first time on the road doing this whole TM thing- I have no doubt that my career and mentors up to this point have prepared me to be the best. But it’s scary. Just because you know you are a badass, doesn’t mean everyone around you knows- nor does it mean automatic trust and attentiveness. AND did I mention I am taking my life down about 8 notches and doing this road thing the real way? Yup, Motel 6 here we come!

It’s a battle- both internally and externally- and I couldn’t be more excited to be diving in headfirst. The risk, although huge and scary, doesn’t outweigh the reward. Stay tuned for more of my life lessons- road lessons, triumphs and challenges- tourist pics, stories and everything else I decide to write about this month. And be sure to tune in to Instagram for up to date stories and craziness- @Casers92 and @NorthernNational.


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