Spray Me Down

Y’all know how pale I can get in the summer, and that breaks my little heart. I get SO dark after just a time or two in the sun, but when it gets cold and dreary, my body rebels.

PTL that I met Stefanie! She’s the owner (and bronzing extraordinaire) of mobile spray tanning company The Bronzetique Tan (if you’re still stuck on PTL, it means Praise The Lord…now moving on…).
What’s special about this tanning is it’s not from some machine.. it’s a human doing a personalized application of color for you. The color is violet based- which means yes, you could look a little purple if you’re mega pale right after, but it goes away. The darkness of your color is totally based on the application pressure, it’s one solution for everyone. Also, BONUS, since it isn’t a machine, your hands aren’t going to end up orange.
The color is going to look really dark when you leave, fair warning. BUT, it gets better. You let the color soak in, overnight if possible, then shower. After your first shower the color starts to fade to a more normal shade.
From start to finish, Stefanie made me feel SO comfortable. I went to her, but she can also come to you (which is great if you’re tanning with a few friends before a big event!). The process took max 15 minutes. I decided to tan with bikini bottoms on, but only to show y’all my tan line! You can tan in whatever makes you feel comfortable. She’s sweet as can be, but professional as hell. I can promise you I’ll be back- whether I’m feeling pale in December, or have a spring/fall event- there’s no question she’s my new go-to girl.
She is located up in Plano, 2237 W Parker Rd, for those of you taking notes. And you don’t have to take my word for it- check her out on Instagram or Yelp to hear more about what people are saying.
spray tan

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