MiniLuxe, Major Treatment

Y’all, can we take a minute to reflect on how much we are constantly on our feet- weather it’s cycling (oh hey ZYN22 talking to you), at the gym, working, cleaning, you name it… and while we’re reflecting, let’s talk about STRESS. Yup, that ugly word. So now that we all feel sorry for ourselves (my b), let’s talk about a small step to fixing this.


Yup, that’s it. Feet. Spa. Toenails. You name the buzzword. But at the end of the day, a pedicure makes all (most) of your worries go away.

MiniLuxe is my go-to destination for pedicures. From the booking process, to the aftermath, MiniLuxe is 5 star treatment the entire way. It’s easy to book online or call the concierge desk- and with multiple locations and long hours, it’s not hard to get an appointment. Once you walk into the store, you’re greeted my a friendly staff- in a beautifully decorated waiting area. You’ll get a glass of wine- or water if that floats your boat- and pick your color.

The technicians are amazingly talented at what they do. You’ll get a little scrub, massage, toe clean up, color change – all great quality and done by a friendly team member. I have NEVER had a bad experience with this place and I have been going for years, y’all. That says something.

The relaxation is real. The massage is great. The color lasts forever. All in all, it’s a WIN.

Who wants to come with me next time?


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