Public School Staff Needs To Go Back To School

I was at Public School last night for dinner. We arrived a little before 8:30pm for our 8:30 reservation. The place was fairly empty- a few servers- we were excited to have a night with our group of friends without the chaos of a busy place. Our drink orders were taken quickly, I ordered a well vodka Moscow Mule, but it took a little while to get the drinks. We weren’t in a rush so it didn’t bother us much.

Unfortunately the excitement didn’t last much longer. Our server was unknowledgeable about quite a few things. I asked him about the Recess food specials, and he had no idea. He started telling me about the beer flights after specifically enquiring about food. Then got defensive when I interrupted and asked about the food (I wasn’t ordering another drink, I just got served my mule). He told me he didn’t know the specials and that there wasn’t a specific percentage off or discount. He kept rambling about not knowing and that they were “just cheaper apps”. He eventually told me about a 2nd piece of collateral on the table that hide prices. Great! Too bad he didn’t start with that..

We finally got a chance to order food- I went with the PB&J Burger – cooked medium with fries. I’m doing an Uptown Influencer Takeover on Instagram this week and thought this could be a fun burger to share with everyone! Much to my dismay, my burger was dry and overcooked and not plated well. My friend across from me ordered the PB&J Burger Bites, but was given the exact same plate as me.

I told our server (after having time to eat all of the fries and a few bites of the burger), about the burger and how it was cooked. I told him “I don’t want another burger, it’s late, I just wanted to tell you that both burgers aren’t cooked as we ordered.” He never apologized but walked away, presuming he went to get a manager. When he came back the next time to see if we wanted checks, he said the manager had comped my burger and, I quote, “it’s late at night, you know how the cooks get it, they’re a little heavy handed”. This was the icing on the cake for me. If he, or a manager, would have simply apologized I wouldn’t have been irritated.

At this point I was frustrated, but just wanted to get home. The service has been sub par all night- not filling our 3 empty water carafes on the table, not checking on the table, taking awhile to bring the ketchup I asked for.

Then our checks came, and yes, burger was comped. But my “well vodka” mule had an upcharge on it. I didn’t say anything because I was exhausted and at the end of the day I’m not worried about a few dollars. But the principle behind asking for well and then getting an upcharge is frustrating from the consumer side.

The whole experience wasn’t terrible. My friends had an amazing BBQ Chicken Salad- and the Macaroni looked amazing. The collateral on the table was super cute. My mule was mixed well. And the space is nice. But unfortunately the negative overshadows the positive on this night out with friends.


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