Kick Ass in Spin Class

Zyn22, you got me, you got me real good.

Thanks to your amazing customer service & deep rooted belief in the Zyn way, I have been sold and now understand why my friends go many times a week. It’s a damn good workout with the right instructor.
In case y’all didn’t read my post last week- I didn’t quite enjoy my first experience. The music, the choreography, it just didn’t work for me. But I went to Roger’s class on Tuesday night and I completely changed my opinion. Roger yelled, but in the right way.  He motivated us with humor- we learned quickly, if he asks how we’re doing and it’s silent, that means TURN. IT. UP. By the end of class we were collectively loud and cheering when he asked us questions.
Cheesy, maybe, but I’ll take this over the “be one with you and the bike” speak any day.
I loved that Roger would yell and tell us to push harder and “make our asses hurt” because it motivated me- motivated me so much that I got 6th in class… Yup, the non-cycler cycled her big ass off.
I didn’t even realize that when Roger said “we’re riding home” that it was actually the last song of the class- yup- the boredom didn’t hit me, ever…
There were still a few things that I didn’t quite grasp choreography wise, but it was a huge improvement from the class before. I loved that Roger made a point to ask who was new and also gave tips on how to pick pup on the choreography. At the end of class he made a point to fist bump every last person and give off some good vibes. And he saved the mental fitness talk for the stretch- praise the lord- and it was more real. Essentially he said don’t talk shit on yourself & don’t take shit on others. We worked our ass off in class and shouldn’t waste it with a negative Nancy attitude at home that night.
One thing is for sure- I’ll let Roger kick my ass into shape again.
Thanks, Zyn, for showing me that I too can kick ass in a spin class.


  1. So glad you were able to find Roger’s class! He is a gem. We try to ensure that we have a lot of different instructors that connect with different people. Glad to have you in our community! See you in the dome!

  2. Roger is incredible. I went to his class after attending a class I didn’t like also and fell in love with his teaching style. So much fun!

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