Spin, Baby, Spin

So, I took a cycle class the other day and by a cycle class, I actually mean I have now gone to three in the past two weeks. Holy cow, right?! I’m not quite sure who I am or when I decided to become a cycler, but I was intrigued when all of my friends were become annoying and obsessive over it.

I started with The Ride House– which is where one of my coworkers goes AND it’s convenient to get to after/before work. After TRH, I gave Zyn22 in Uptown (which my entire group text attends) a try.

Let me preface the rest of this post (anyone still reading or did I lose ya?) by saying I have taken one spin class in my entire life before this and I hated it. I didn’t feel like I got a good workout- didn’t like the music- I fell out of my shoe clips- it was bad. And this was at the start of my ClassPass journey when everything else was so sparkly and exciting- like City Surf, Barre and JumpPilates- and then there was the boring spin class.

So back to present time. I went to a Nicki Minaj class at TRH where Allen was the teacher. The whole staff was great- they found out it was my first time, got my shoes, gave me a tour, set up my bike for me- all around a super friendly crew that started off me off on the right foot (lol pun intended). During class, Allen was on his bike and had a co-instructor, which I thought was rad. Nicki was blaring, we were all riding, it was actually pretty great. I was encouraged, or rather pumped up, to ride harder and keep on twisting my knob. Allen knew how to give cues that connected with my brain, even as a newbie. The choreography, sometimes tricky, was manageable. I got a little bored about 25 minutes into it- but then a Nicki song I’m obsessed with came on and helped me ride it home. Allen was incredibly cool after class- he noticed it was my first time and gave me a high-five after class and we talked briefly. BTW- you get a cool towel when you leave and that was AMAZING and unexpected.

The next class I tried was a slightly different experience. I went to Zyn22 and they were super friendly, super cool- loved the amenities- but I hated the class. I took from a guy named Mike and all of the music was techno. Let’s be real, I last about 30 minutes without getting bored in a cycle class where I enjoyed the music, so I could tell pretty early on that this was going to be bad. Not only did we have techno music but he decided to get off of his bike and give us inspirational, dig down deep in your heart while I sway side to side shit. I didn’t hear what he said because all I heard was “dig down deep” and then my mind started saying get on your mother freaking bike bro…

He didn’t acknowledge me after class, but not the end of the world for me. However one of my friends asked me what I thought and I told her I hated it… which was awkward AF because everyone heard me and got really quiet super awkward. Honestly, the music and style just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t pick up on the choreography and then when he wasn’t on the bike, I had to look around the room to try and find someone to follow. BUT, kudos to the Zyn team for realizing I didn’t like my class- I’m trying it again with a different instructor… We’ll see how it goes.

If it’s anything like my 2nd Ride House class, then I’m in for a good class. (PSA 2 free classes here! Use it or lose it.) I did a 6:30AM (yup AM) class that was Chainsmokers theme. I somehow burned even more calories in this one then my first go around.. I guess music really helps me cycle harder! Don’t get me wrong, I still got a little bored around the 30 minute mark BUT just as I started to lose my attention span, a killer song came on followed by the instructor yelling at us to pick it up.

All in all I’m glad I’m attempting to get on the cycle train. Guess we’ll see how long I can continue- or if I let boredom win. Stay tuned…


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