Boobs: The Big Truth

*stepping up on my soap box*

Our insecurities are sometimes things the outside world would never notice, or at least never realize that it’s something you’re insecure about. For me, my curves, often the first thing people notice, are easily my biggest insecurity. Let’s face it, my boobs are huge. I can try to hide them with sports bras all day long, but they’re still there. They are there making me feel like dresses & tops look like balloons. They’re there making me worry if I’m showing too much cleavage. They are there KILLING my back (as if I need any more help destroying my posture…). They’re there causing me headaches. They’re expensive as hell to find bras for. They’re there bouncing up and down while I’m trying to work out. Shit, they’re even there in this photo making me question if it’s “too much” to post. They are always there. Making me insecure. Making me second guess my attire. Making my body ache. So there you have it. Next time you’re jealous of some big boobs, or have the audacity to tell someone they’re showing too much cleavage, think twice. They might be trying to escape their big boob reality.


One comment

  1. Thank you! Nobody seems to understand our struggle with these two “things”! Seriously, how many alteration bills have we paid and how many cute little tops just don’t fit……the reality is so real it makes one wonder if breast reduction is a necessity just to feel ‘normal’. To guess it’s better than having a big rear end 🤔

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