Life is Short

Life is short, hug your loved ones today. Tell them you love them, and mean it. Check in on them. Cherish them. Share laughs with them. Create memories, because you never know when a memory is all you will have left.

Last night a tragic accident happened that involved a childhood friend and her sister. They were sharing an experience together, seeing Panic! At The Disco. On their way home, they were involved in an accident with a semi. One sister injured and taken to the hospital in Stillwater, the other sister passed away.
You never know when your last moment will be. Live life with no regrets. You never know your last moment will be with someone you love, so make it count.
My heart breaks for the family, the community and everyone who has ever lost a loved one. Laura was a beautiful soul- full of light and humor- and I am blessed to have known her. May her family find comfort knowing she impacted so many lives in her short time in this world. And, Leah, may you find courage and strength to continue living your best life in honor of Laura. I hope you never lose your passion for music, and love for adventure.
I’ll be channeling this heartache to make more of my moments with my loved ones, to make memories that will last a lifetime and to live life as fully as possible, because tomorrow isn’t promised.

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