Spring Picnic

Spring has sprung and patio weather has arrived. Which also means patio crowds are in full force. The Rustic is offering you a way to avoid the hassle of waiting for a table by taking your meal to the lawn for a good ole fashion picnic.

Maybe you’re not dining at brunch and simply want a perfect date night, or photo-worthy girls’ night out, you can still picnic.

Baskets are available Thursday-Sunday for $16.95 a person. The basket includes sammies, veggies, cold queso, homemade chips, banana pudding and more delectable bites from The Rustic menu. You even get a blanket to sit on, but sad face, you have to turn it in with the basket.

If you’re feeling a little thirsty, which let’s face it, is always me, grab yourself a bottle of wine or any summer cocktail. I tend to go for a Vodka Lemonade, but who can resist buying a bottle of wine in this setting?

Anyways, the point is, whoever you are, whatever your reasoning, come take advantage of this spectacular Dallas weather with an Instagramable-picnic.



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