Carrie Questions: Still Unanswered

Let me preface this by saying I’ve been binge watching the hell outta Sex and the City. You’ve been warned and have every right to stop reading while you’re ahead.

How is it that every episode Carrie is diving into topics that are still completely and totally relatable today in 2016? Have we not learned from the past? Have relationships not evolved into something that makes more sense? Do we still mess things up and mess ourselves up the same way women have for years?*bonus points if you read that paragraph in true Carrie Bradshaw voice over fashion*

But, really, what the hell is going on in our world? We’ve been playing games since the beginning of time. I’m not just talking romantic bull shit, I’m talking friendships, work relationships, lovers, sex partners, all of it. How are we nearing the end of 2016 and we are no where closer to answering the age old questions then we were in the 1990’s? How long do you wait before you contact someone, are you reaching out to often, are you too emotional too soon, should you initiate something… STOP WITH THE MIND GAMES. Why can’t relationships just be honest and real? When you want something, you do it, and you don’t stress about the reaction of the other person or how the outside world might perceive it.


What about calling it quits? When is it time to stop? They say love isn’t easy, but why shouldn’t it be? How hard should you really work at something to make it last. But at the same time, don’t run away when life gets tough. Where’s the happy medium here? Why doesn’t love come with a manual? It’s so easy with cars. There are lights that warn us about things, people to tell us if it’s worth fixing or if makes more sense to sell and get a new car. WHERE IS THIS FOR LOVE?! Will we ever stop wondering what would have happened if we tried a little harder, or got out of a toxic relationship sooner? Probably not.


What about the romance? Is that completely dead? Was Carrie on to something? Here we are in 2016 where Netflix and Chill is more common than Dinner and a Movie. When did this stop? Did we let is stop? Are we the real reason behind the demise of courtship? Were women so against finding love and allowing someone sweep them off their feet that it is completely non-existent? Stop now, and answer me this. When’s the last time someone surprised you with flowers? Came to your door to pick you up for a date? Called to ask you to dinner days in advance? Yeah, crickets for me, too.


I could go on for hours, but I’ll leave you with this. If we know the end game is most likely us getting hurt, why do we even bother? What’s the point of making something more than just a screw? Why continue to put yourself out there?



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