Halloween Sixteen

Halloween is just around the corner & I’m sure 97% of y’all are in “oh shit, what should I be” mode. If I’m wrong, holla at your girl & tell me what you have planned- but if I’m right, no judgement, and here are some fun ideas!

Feeling punny? Try this…

SNAPCHAT:  Carry around some gingersnaps/snappeas/band snap fireworks AND you cell (as if you wouldn’t already have it with you). Use your phone to CHAT and the food for some SNAP.


Digging pop-culture? Try this…

Becky With The Good Hair: Yellow dress, curly hair, baseball bat.. need I say more for Bey? And Becky, make sure your hair looks luscious and rock this shirt (best investment ever, if you ask me).


DJ Kahled: Where do I begin? Step 1, hair line + beard… Step 2, slip on sandals.., Step 3, gold chain… Step 4, KEY (a major one)…  after that we have a few routes to take… we have “journey through life via jetski” in which you need a life jacket and swim trunks.. or you could “workout DJ” and do a white tank + baggy shorts + beats headphones… or even a “more “classic Kahled” look and do a white t shirt with grey sweats. No matter which look you go, you’re required to Snapchat the entire night and show lots of fan luv.


Going out as a group? Try this…

#KimExposedTaylorParty: I’m not gonna sugar coat it… this is my #1 Halloween idea that I want to do. The hard part will be finding a group, the easy part is playing a part of the madness. You’ll need a Taylor (duh), Kayne + Kim, Calvin, Katy and Demi. Taylor should be a blonde or have access to a blonde wig, throw on some high wasted shorts and a crop (for extra points wear an I

Need a pair costume? Try this…

Penelope & North: Come on, y’all, how cute is this? One of you get a white bodysuit + tutu and the other a black, and tada! You’re dressed to impress. Throw your hair in a dancers bun, of course, and for extra credit find a few more friends to be Yeezy, Lord Disick, Kourt & Kim!


Broad City: For Abbi, what better look than her Soulstice uniform? You’ll be cute AND comfy AF. Get a black workout tank and write the word TRAINER across the front. Throw your hair in a pony and tie a blue bandanna around it. For XXX, have a little fun with bright colors and a shirt that says YAS QUEEN on it. Curl your hair into the cutest afro, and obviously be as lazy as possible all night long.


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