16 Things To Stop Worrying About This Year

  1. Saving money. Put away what you can every paycheck. Maybe it’s $10 this week, but next time it’s $100. Every little bit helps.
  2. Being single. Do you really want to put someone else before you right now? Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy being you. The right person will come along.
  3. Looking put together. Come on, who really has time (and money) to get weekly manis? It’s okay to not always look straight from a magazine.
  4. Breaking shit. If I had a $1 for every iPhone/case/cord I broke, I could buy a new iPhone. Buy a new one. Move on.
  5. Finishing your to-do list. There isn’t enough time in the day, ever. Work, play, life, you’ll always have something unfinished. Do your best to prioritize and be good at time management, but at the end of the day, you can do something the next day.
  6. Having a purpose. Dude, you’re young. Your purpose changes every day. Just do you. That’s a purpose I can get behind.
  7. What could go wrong. LOL, story of my life. Why don’t we focus on what could be right instead of always having to be devil’s advocate?
  8. Doing the right thing. Do what’s best for you, not someone else. Focus on what makes you happy and in the end, that’s the right thing.
  9. Everyone else. Get off the Facebook, just because Jenny has a boyfriend doesn’t mean you need one. And that new car that Sally got, yeah, she’s leasing it and in major credit card debt.
  10. Fitting in a tight dress. At the end of the day, that skin tight LBD from Nords that doesn’t quite fit, really doesn’t need to be in your closet. Get something that makes you feel pretty, not something that makes you give up icecream.
  11. Stressing out. Seems simple, right? Don’t spend the extra time worrying about the fact that you’re already stressed out. You’re just working yourself up more. Instead acknowledge the stress and move on.
  12. Acne. Wash your face and stop touching it with your dirty hands. You’ll grow out of it eventually.
  13. Your phone. Put it down, right now. That email doesn’t need a response at 11:59pm as you’re just about to fall asleep. If you don’t check Instagram right this second your life isn’t over. Promise.
  14. Being content in your job. Sometimes you need to coast a minute and wait for the next opportunity, don’t freak out and rush to the next thing.
  15. Who didn’t Snap back. You send him a Snap when you were feeling yourself, he didn’t reply. His problem not yours.
  16. The future. What happens, happens.

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