Hot Songs, Cold Hearts: Cool Girl

Women in music. Women in relationships. Women everywhere. Listen up. Shit, guys, y’all listen too while we’re at it. I wanna talk about 3 songs with you this week, the first being Tove Lo’s new single.. Cool Girl. 

We live in a society today where relationships aren’t labeled- the reasoning behind this is can be left to your imagination, but mine goes straight to ‘no label, no rules & no messy break up’. Tove Lo has crowned this being the “cool girl” and saying she’s totally okay with keeping it fun and free, because she’s a “cool girl”.

“Let’s keep it fun; We don’t put a label on it; So we can run free, yeah; I wanna be free like you
I’m a, I’m a, I’m a cool girl, I’m a, I’m a cool girl”

Great, that’s fine and dandy. I’ve been in a long-term relationship that never really was because I wanted to be this “cool girl” and I thought I was okay with it. I was so okay with it, that every short relationship there after, I played the part of this cool girl.

“You can run free, I won’t hold it against ya; You do your thing, never wanted a future”

I’m not ready for marriage, so what’s the point in a serious commitment? Right? Wrong. There is a big difference in being the cool girl and playing the cool girl. I’ve done both.

I fully support and high freakin’ five a girl who wants to be the cool girl. No double standards here- take your freedom and run with it however you want- and run with whoever you want while we’re at it. We’re young, we’re free, been there and done that. But on the flip-side, no girl should ever feel forced to pretend to be the cool girl to please a guy. Don’t act the part of the cool girl just so you don’t lose him.

“I got fever highs; I got boiling blood; I’m that fire; We could burn together” 

If you want that fire, if you want the passion, then you deserve that. You don’t have to play the game. You are worth so much more than being strung along for a ride that won’t end in your favor. No amount of time will change you from being the cool girl to the fiery-passion-girl, trust me.

Know your worth. Know your end goal. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, because you’re going to end up with something you don’t want. I urge you, next time you feel like you need to suppress your fire, stop it right there, don’t try play the cool girl.

And in the mean time, plug in your AUX cord and grab your girls, it’s time to jam the song of the summer.


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