Simple Plan @ KVIL

Yes, Simple Plan, the band we used to blare while we locked ourselves in our rooms. We turned the music up really loud, screamed and hoped no one heard us. Angsty 15 year old Casey that thought the world was against me LOVED that shit. I mean, really, truly, thought it was Perfect. I was Addicted to it, if you know what I mean.

It was a great pleasure to spend Thursday evening at CBS handing out with Roadrunner Records band, Simple Plan, on their grueling radio tour. After chatting with their label rep, the guys have been true all-stars, road tripping from Austin, to Corpus, to Houston, to Dallas.. no complaints, just smiles and good tunes. High five for that, dudes, because there’s no way I would be standing after that drive(s).

Simple Plan is releasing a new CD in the near future. You might have heard “Singing In The Rain,” maybe? If you haven’t, check  it out for sure. It’s the new single… but don’t worry, it’s the same ole angsty band, simply with a fresh face lift. More pop if you will.

The crowd dug the new tune, many already knowing the words (S/O Spotify & YouTube). But when the throwbacks rolled through, the energy changed. The vibe went from yeah this is exciting! to cut my wrists (in the best possible way). Everyone was singing along to tunes such as Welcome To My Life, Perfect and the heavily requested, Untitled. Although  I didn’t get to hear Addicted, which is my freaking jam, I wasn’t upset to have a nostalgic evening listening to other Simple Plan jams that I used to blare (and still do, but my coworkers probably hate me for it).

Not a bad TBT if you ask me. Enjoy some clips (and here and if you’re reading this before my Snaps expire on Friday night.. @CaseyLeeWalker) from the show and pretend you were right there with me rockin’ out. Cross your fingers for some Simple Plan tour dates next fall..


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