12 Days of Texting

Waiting for a text to come through. A call to buzz. A Snapchat to bing. It’s honestly one of the most terrifying, modern day, first world problems a single girl has to deal with. The sad reality is… dudes don’t get it. Something in their brains isn’t wired the way it is for girls. At the risk of losing credibility, I’m going to quote my good pal Katy… boys are hot and then they’re cold, they are yes and then they are no… You have constant communication, a great time together and then out of nowhere… no communication. Is that a hint to go away forever? Or a hint to wear the pants and text him first? One will never know…
Day 1. “Oh my gosh he likes me. He won’t stop snapping and texting me. Eeek!”
Day 2. “Yes! He’s a keeper. Constant communication, wants to make plans, finally.”
Day 3. “Not only is he texting, but he double texts and asks questions about my day.”
Day 4. “Why isn’t he texting me? Was he really into me when he asked me out?”
Day 5. “So he likes me, but maybe not enough.. should I worry that he doesn’t text first?”
Day 6. “Phew. He’s using exclamation points. He’s asking me questions. He’s totally into me, why was I worried.”
Day 8. “Should I text him first today? I mean what’s it going to hurt, right?”
Day 9. “I’m not texting him until he texts me first. This is bullshit. He needs to make an effort or have the balls to say he’s not into it. Why is he dragging me through this? I’m better than this.”
Day 10. “I haven’t heard from him in days. I’m snapping him.  If he sees my snap of course he’ll text me, subtle reminder that I exist.”
Day 11. “One more mass Snap to test the waters…”
Day 12. “Bye Felicia.”
*two weeks later* “Did he really just text me hey stranger like he didn’t just ghost me? No. Not happening.”

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