Baby Tripp

What a day celebrating Baby Tripp! I cannot wait until this little one enters the world. He has the best family anxiously awaiting his arrival. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now, he’s got a village behind him! And a village with great taste in onesies, the best kind of village if you ask me! PS- follow along with Lauren at The Gabbing Ginger, she’s about to become the cutest mommy-blogger I know. If you’re more of a ‘grammer, here’s that, too!

Lauren's Shower

Pregnancy never looked so cute! Lauren rocks her form fitting dress + adorable accessories. Kudos to Lauren for rocking the heels until the very last minute , because honestly, who needs to wear heels to walk to the car? 😉 


Taylor Hill

The decor was straight outta Pinterest, and I would expect nothing less. Kudos to the hosts for a shower well done! It fit Lauren perfectly. If you need help decorating, give Taylor Hill a call… girl knows her stuff!  


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