Tessa Rae // Seventeen

Every once in a while you come across a song that makes you stop in your tracks. It intrigues you to listen closer. You  might not fall in love with the song on the very first spin, but by the second, you’re hooked. Seventeen does that for me.

I was first told to check out Tessa Rae by a friend- she was described to me as a Lana Del Ray/Lorde/sultry sounding LA gal. Anyone who knows my taste in music can imagine how it wasn’t hard to convince me to give it a listen. The husky, sexy sound mixed with lyrics that make you  listen… it’s a deadly combo. I’ll admit that the first time I listened to the song, I was stuck on the beat… the sound of her voice mixing with the music… but by the second time, the whole picture was painted for me. The lyrics really brought the song to life.

Young love, bad love, love that won’t last. Love that made you lost in the moment and cast all life worries aside. Tessa describes this song as a coming of age story about internal conflict with love, growing up, letting someone go… the bittersweet feelings of a relationship that you hold on to but need to let go of.

These lyrics strike a particular chord with me:

The streets that are so bright
They used to feel so mean
I loved all of your flaws
And you loved me for me
We would turn the lights off
And talk about our dreams

Enough talk. Give it a listen (and a little love) on Hype… and stay tuned for what else this LA songstress has in store for us.. .

Download Seventeen // Follow @TessaRaeMusic


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