JoJo. Is. Back.

I know I’m not the only one who still jams out to Leave (Get Out) and Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better). No need to lie about it, y’all, I feel ya. JoJo has some mad pipes and I can relate to her bangers.

For those of you who thought she fell off the face of the planet… I mean, well, she did, sorta. BUT, she’s back. She’s been teasing this return on her social media, but time to speak candidly… I couldn’t have cared less about her on social/had any idea she was going to make a return (which is probably 99% of the population).

Anywho, this 24-year-old babe and vocalist is free from her old contract with Blackground Records.. signing with Atlantic last year. Her third album is expected to drop later this year, a mere 9 years after The High Road was released.

While we all anxiously await this… check out the three singles that dropped today.

JoJo Singles


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