Perceived Reality 

How often do we take a look at social media and automatically assume someone’s life is going amazing? Shit, I’m as guilty of this as anyone. So often I decide to type someone’s name in to a search bar to see what’s up in their world versus picking up the phone and asking them personally. 

We lose so much when we take social media’s word for it. You see pictures at social events with lots of people, so of course this translates to this person having so many friends and living the dream. 

You see a job title and see snippets from the work life, so without a doubt this person has the coolest. job. ever. And they must love it. 

Seriously, people. Is this the world we live in? We choose to imagine the lives of our friends and loved ones being wonderful and magical, without taking the time to ask? 

You never know when someone’s life is a complete disaster, even though on paper it seems like it could never be better. There is so, so much more than what meets the eye.

Next time you want caught up on someone’s life, take the time to text or call them, or better yet get together for coffee or dinner. You never know when someone desperately needs someone to talk to about what’s really going on in their live, rather than what’s perceived of it. 


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