NMT 7.14

To everyone who thinks Renegades is the best song on the planet right now, you haven’t skimmed the surface of what X Ambassadors has to offer. The entire VHS album is insane. I cannot get enough of it. It’s sexy and soulful, edgy and intriguing. Seriously, there’s a reason I love Alt-Rock so much, and this is one of those reasons.

The single Renegades appeals to the main stream crowd, the Alt-Rock kids and moms flipping through the radio. It’s just enough to make you intrigued about the rest of their music.

Enter the rest of the album. Easy going, stomp your foot, nod your head and make you feel some kind of way music.

A few personal favorites of mine…

Gorgeous (album version)

Unsteady (album version)

Oh, and let’s not forget this isn’t their first go at making sweet music. Check out the original jams here (and sorry for being late to the party… but better to be late than miss the train completely, ya dig?).


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