Trend Alert: Graphic Tees + Maxi Skirts

It’s no surprise that I’m always looking for a trendy way to rock a graphic tank/tee… Since Spring has sprung, I decided to skew away from my traditional comfort zone of throwing a flannel around my waist and calling it a day. Take a look…

2015-04-07 11.27.05 2015-04-07 11.27.11

I’m obsessing over a new brand I recently discovered… Katydid Collection. Take a look at the webpage and you’ll quickly learn why! There’s a great mix of trendy, edgy, sporty, tanks, tees, accessories… one stop shop for sure! The OOTD collection might be my favorite *followed closely behind it would be the sporty collections*.

2015-04-07 16.59.13

Did I mention that it’s local?? Dallas-based apparel designer Katy Messersmith is the founder and owner of the stellar brand!

Comfort, spunk and cost are big factors that play into my “which graphic tee should I buy” decision making… and this collection hit all three head on! A girl’s gotta be styling… on a budget (#amiright).

This tee runs a little short for being a Large, but by pairing it with a high-waisted skirt, it wasn’t an issue.

Maxi skirts have been fighting the battle of being in or out for the past few years… but I think they’re here to stay (at least through the summer!). This HM maxi is a great step up from the simple maxi… check out that slit! It’s comfortable as heck and it’s a little edgy… no complaints here!

2015-04-07 11.26.052015-04-07 11.26.28

I kept the accessories subtle.. between the tee and the edgy maxi, I didn’t think a major statement piece was needed. A simple black sandal and a thin necklace… oh, and my FitBit (fitness though!)… make this outfit chic and perfect for spring.

2015-04-07 11.34.01

Looking to do some shopping of your own?  Use coupon code “katydidlove” for 20% off + free shipping online.
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2015-04-07 11.26.102015-04-07 11.26.49



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