A Girl & Her (snapchat) Story

Looking to save some minutes of your day by not checking every chick’s Snapchat stories? Then you’ve come to the right place. In the next 90 seconds  you can experience every girl’s story and spend that extra time doing something important, like checking the Weather… or Instagram (because who doesn’t love stalking all the basic bitches you’ve never met?)

1. A margarita, girly drink, or a bottle of wine if she’s feeling particularly thirsty

DRINK (not my photo)
2.10 second videos of them screaming the lyrics to Blank Space, or other so called jams, while driving

blank space
2. Ten different angles of their dog/cat

PUPPY (not my photo)

3. A pizza, tacos, dessert…with the preach or heart emoji.. or simply the word BAE

food (not my photo)
4. Kissy face group selfies, because smiling is overrated


5. Their legs while they tan, obviously including the temp and bikini + sun emojis


6. Their friends doing something rather embarrassing and regretful

embarassing your roomie (not my photo)

7. Sunsets… like the sky is totally gorgeous and the beauty I CAN’T EVEN

sunset (not my photo)

8. Shameless selfie with a full face of makeup expressing excitement for the night out

shameless selfie

9. A picture of them studying/working (insert time stamp)

work late
10. Quick pic of their Nikes, because did you even work out if there’s not a picture?


11. Picture of Bae, I mean Netlfix

NETFLIX (not my photo)


<props to Aaron Tuttle, the comedic genius whose Facebook status prompted this post>


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