Beauty Review: Mini Luxe

I’m the first to admit that more often than not I’m choosing my nail salon based off convince and location, rather than cleanliness and quality. I catch myself last minute trying to find a cheap salon to run by during lunch or after work, simply to “get them done” before a trip or event. However, after my experience at Mini Luxe on a dreary Sunday afternoon, my mindset has changed.

PC: @sybil1037

PC: @sybil1037

I first heard of Mini Luxe on social media- thanks CultureMap ;). A trendy salon that was all the rage in other cities and finally making a home in Dallas… well, Uptown *shocker* to be specific.

I decided to splurge on a “treat yo self” afternoon and made an appointment. They do accept walk-ins, but I recommend reaching out to them via phone, Twitter, etc, to make sure you can get your appointment in a timely manner. I was able to get a Mani/Pedi appointment for a few hours after I tweeted at the salon.

The staff was ever so friendly and helpful both online and in person. I was greeted with warm smiles and offered a glass of wine while I waited for my technician. The color selection was perfection- everything from classic colors to hot and trendy. One thing I loved about Mini Luxe was the ability to purchase a bottle of the color you used during your appointment, making at home touch ups possible!

It was clear just by stepping through the door that cleanliness was a high priority for the brand.. So was being chiq. The decor, set up, boutique-products for purchase… it all screamed “I’m so trendy”.


Although I opted for basic services, I was still more than pleased with the experience. I was treated like a princess and the outcome was fit for a queen (of Dallas that is). I was extremely excited when 2 weeks after my service the polish was still looking classy, only a little wear and tear. I’m the first gal to admit that I have a severe issue with picking at my nails, both the nails themselves and polish, so for me to last 2 weeks… HUGE DEAL. I can honestly say my nails have never grown so long and healthy..


Moral of the story? Take time to plan out your next nail session and make an appointment at Mini Luxe. If you’re like me and used to a $35 combo, be prepared to shell out a little more cash for this appointment knowing that the quality and experience are worth the price.


Of course Mini Luxe offers more than basic combos… they have spa services including waxing, threading and not-so-basic nail services.

Don’t just take my word for it, head to West Village and try them out for yourself. And invite me along… it’s time for me to go again 🙂

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