Dressed To Impress

You may or may not have noticed.. but I’m super diggin’ the tshirt trend. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved graphic shirts- such a dope way to express yourself, right? As of lately I’ve been doing most of my shopping at Cotton On, loading up my closet with various muscle tees. I mean, that’s great and all… but what about some local shiz?

Thanks to @OhSoCynthia’s Instagram post, I discovered a sick tshirt shop in Lower Greenville. Shocker, me loving something down in LG….

Anyways, it sort of sucks that they close at 7pm, but I was able to pop my head into That’s Bullzerk last week and look around. They carry shirts, koozies, stickers, journals, even socks… Super random and hip. The designs are all local- and hysterical. “I can’t afford Dalla$ girls” “Keep Dallas better than Austin”… the list goes on.

KOOZIES bullzerk

I picked up a few green items to rock for Greenville St Patrick/s Day yesterday… and got more compliments than even I expected.

LG Bullzerk Koozie LG Bullzerk T

Not only did I have a freakin’ blast with my friends, I looked rad doing it. Thanks, Bullzerk, I’ll be back.

PS- my flannel is from another local Dallas store… Milk & Honey


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