New Mumford & Sons

All right… here’s the deal… I love the new Mumford & Sons song: Believe.

I say this with a grain of salt… I love the (original) sound of Mumford. I still remember the first time in the car hearing Little Lion Man while driving to a campus visit out in LA… then months later hearing it again in Kansas. Banjos have a special place in my heart.

Some people are arguing that they are no longer “themselves” or being “original” “true to their roots” etc… but so many bands change their sound (and typically more than once).

Haters are gonna hate… but be realistic.. If this wasn’t Mumford, would you still be complaining about the new single? If your answer is yes, then keep hating on the song, I respect that. But don’t be critical of the change, just embrace it. The whole album comes out May 4th… we can readdress the topic then.

In the meantime… give it a listen!


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