LUX: Trendy Tanning

I’ve been in Dallas a few months now and have heard the names of a few salons. Tan Dallas has come up in conversation with a few people, the location is super convenient and the cost is pretty low. LUX has come up as well, mainly on social media. Sponsored posts have made their way to Facebook and Twitter feeds… which, as a marketing gal, I know I must be in their target demographic.

LUX social media

Thank goodness for those targeted posts, my friends, because my view on tanning salons has been forever changed.

LUX is located at 4411 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, about 15 minutes from my house (Upper Greenville area). Lucky for me, it’s on the way home from work, so it makes a little more convenient as far as location goes. But, honestly, even if it weren’t, it would be worth the added 30 minutes to my busy schedule.

From the moment I walked in yesterday, I felt welcome and beautiful. The trendy decor, friendly employees and wonderful amenities helped make a normal experience into something extraordinary.

The Experience

At LUX, a variety of services are offered ranging from sunless, to stand up, to lay down-spa beds. All of the services are complimented with amenities, as mentioned above, such as complimentary beverages and chilled eucalyptus towels.


Even cell phone charging stations are available… they really do think of everything!


I have to say one of my favorite features, as small as it is, is that they’ll keep a bag of my tanning essentials so I don’t have to remember to bring them every time! How great is that?

Even the hours are great- staying open until 11pm on week days really helps someone with a busy schedule. You can make appointments online, call in (214) 521-4589, or just stop by without an appointment.

The only down side is the price. It’s a little in the expensive side when you look at a monthly cost + lotions, but you have to remember that sunless tanning is included in the top package. Sunless tans are a little on the pricey side, so as long as you plan on getting a few of this during your month, the price doesn’t seem so steep!

With all this said, don’t just simply take my word for it… Head to LUX today, let them know I sent you and try out a complimentary service and get the tour for yourself. Chances are you’ll end up hooked, line and sinker like I was 🙂



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