Fierce, Fit & Fabulous: How to Make the Most of 22

22. Have a dance parties when you’re stuck in traffic 
You know that silly quote “dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening”, well take that literally. Instead of getting stressed out while you hang out in stand still traffic, blast your favorite song (personal go-to T Swiz Blank Space) and jam.

21. Go to the gym 
Not only will your body benefit from the exercise, so will your sleeping habits and your energy levels. Push the pain and challenge yourself to become active (and look smoking hot naked).

20. Try something new
Whether it’s something as simple as tasting a food you have claimed to “hate” since you were a kid, or something intimidating like taking a pole dancing exercise class, do it! The only regrets you will have are not taking the time to experience the unknown.

19.Stop comparing your real life to someone’s social media life
Yes, we all love checking social media to see what other people are up to, but it shouldn’t control your life. Just because your coworker posts pictures of her partying every night doesn’t mean she actually is cooler than you. Get off the apps and enjoy your life with your own friends!

18. Go to dinner and a movie by yourself
Stop being afraid of being alone. It is completely normal to spend time by yourself. Start with baby steps and go see a movie by yourself on a Friday night. Then try dinner. Forget that little voice in the back of your head saying you look like a total dweeb flying solo.

17. Stay in and be productive on a Friday night
Spend your Friday night cleaning up the apartment, doing laundry and knocking out your errands. The rest of the weekend becomes relaxing and carefree if you knock out your to-do list after work on Friday.

16. Talk to your family.
Call your parents to say I love you. Send a text to check in on your siblings. The little things mean the world. You never know when your whole world can change- but your family is always there.

15. Make out with random guys at the bar 
Seriously, do it. Trust me. Don’t get their number, don’t overanalyze, just do it and move on. Probably the best piece of advice my mom ever gave me.

14. Don’t settle 
Whether it’s work, relationships, friendships… Don’t settle. The whole world is out there waiting for you, don’t make a decision and feel stuck with it. Don’t wait around for someone or something, go out there and live your own damn life the way you want to live it.

13.Spend more money than you should on the perfect outfit 
Have you been craving that part of classic dark jeans that would look killer with the black tank top? Then get it. I’m not saying splurge all the time, but when you know it’s timeless and you find yourself continuously craving it… get it.

12. Join a sports team
Stay fit (drink beer) and meet new people! Adult coed sports can be as competitive or as recreational as you want them to be.

11. Call in sick and spend the day binging on Netflix
You haven’t used a sick day all year… your mentally exhausted… you have nothing urgent to do at work… seems like the perfect recipe to call in sick and spend the day being, well, sick in bed (minus the sick part).

10. Bring your lunch to work
Save money and calories by packing your lunch! You can still be social during lunch, just encourage your coworkers to do the same and sit outside or in the break room rather than that diner down the road.

9. Invest in a traditional pieces
Every girl needs a pair of black heels, a classy jewelry set, timeless bag and perfect jeans. Invest in these pieces overtime. The money you’ll spend is well worth the investment.

8. Go to a professional sporting event 
Whether you go courtside, nosebleed, or somewhere in between, head to the nearest pro sports venue and cheer on your local team.

7. Cook at home
Experiment in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for one, or having a dinner party, it doesn’t hurt to know how to whip something up in the kitchen… and your bank account and waistline will also appreciate the break from the fast food.

6. Become closer with your girlfriends
Your girlfriends become more and more important to you as you grow older. They are there for you in heartbreak, in happiness and everything in between. Make it a point to do fun things with these girls and be sure you take the time to listen to what’s going on in their lives… because you never know when they’re going to be there for you.

5. Disconnect for the weekend
Turn off your electronics and spend the weekend with those around you. You might panic at first, but eventually your sanity will thank you.

4. Invest in name brand cosmetics
We all love saving money on cosmetics, but as you get older your skin becomes more and more irritable. Find out what works best for you and slowly but surely build a more adult make up bag. My go-to is Laura Mercier.

3. Experience heartbreak
Don’t be too protective over yourself. You have to learn how to love somehow. The harsh reality of dating someone is that you’re either going to break up or get married. Let yourself form a connection with someone and learn about yourself in the process. The break up will hurt. You will feel empty, hallow, unsure. But once the sadness is gone you will come out a better person for it.

2. Reconnect with your high school mentors
You remember those teachers who helped you get into college or score that awesome scholarship? Yeah, those guys… Reach out to them when you’re home over break and grab a coffee (or a beer), shoot them an email, message them on Facebook. The point being that they want to hear from you. Let them know how you’re doing in life and how thankful you are that they helped you get to this point in your life. Your words and life updates mean more than you can imagine.

1. Learn to love yourself
It’s really easy to get upset with yourself and feel stupid, but you are your own worst critic. Take praise with stride. Take letdowns with dignity. The most important thing you can do at this point in your life is to learn to be happy with the person you have become and to love yourself for all your imperfections. If you can’t love yourself, no one else can either.


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