Aaron Carter & Friends #CaseysTake

Rewind back to mid June. Text message from Laura reads something along the lines of “SO, we have to go see my BF Aaron at HOB. There’s a group on deal. LET’S GO!”

Of course, I respond with a let’s do it. $20 later, tickets in our email and an official calendar event made (because we are so adult), it’s official. We’re going to relive our childhood and rap How I Beat Shaq with the, now old, Aaron Carter.

Flash forward to last night. We check social media and websites, no indicators of any special guests or openers for Aaron. Doors open at 7 and show starts at 8. We made the bold decision to arrive early to ensure we have a close view of Aaron, to arrive at HOB and find out the show is actually in the small room (aka no need to be early because only a few people will actually be at the show).

8pm rolls around… no sign of Aaron starting anytime soon. Instead a kid who looks to be around the age of 9 (we find out later he’s the ripe age of 13). Griffon brings out a guitar, explains to the audience that he prerecorded the tracks and he’s playing every single instrument, props for that. At this point in time Laura and I make our way back to the bar. Kudos to Griffon for having a Twitter following of around 24k, even though I wasn’t too amused by it.

After Griffon another young person takes the stage. He gives a shout out to Griffon and then cues to sound guy that he’s ready to get started. Well, we were slightly impressed at first because Gambino starts blaring and the kid starts spitting. Eventually it turns into a glorified karaoke/singing in the shower-esque performance. You can barely hear the kid singing, but boy is he trying to work the crowd. The 16 year old girls were definitely fan-girling when he went all “let’s take an Instagram pic” and “I’m going to sing One Love and throw roses out”. Not my cup of tea, but again, you do you bro (as long as I don’t have to experience it).

It’s nearly 9pm now. No sign of AC taking the stage soon. Our new bartender friends check the set list and inform us he’s playing from 10-11. Double whammy.

Something Solo (Pat maybe?), takes the stage next. To be frank, by this point in time I was so uninterested in what was happening we sat on the extremely comfortable couches with all the parents (so what if we’re old… it’s past my bedtime, damnit!).  However, to this guy’s credit, he was on the tour with Aaron and by default assumed the whole crowd knew exactly who he was. He even admitted to listening to Aaron in his bedroom as a kid… or told the story to connect with the audience, whichever works.

Finally Aaron takes the stage. The crowd is legitimately hype. To be frank, I had no idea the first few songs he played, but that didn’t stop me from jamming. One thing is for sure, Aaron has stage presence that makes his demographic go wild. The sexy hip thrusts, yup, girls shrieked. He was great at working the crowd, despite the fact that he looked like he was on a plethora of drugs, he did his thang.  After about 30 minutes of songs I didn’t know, he broke out the goodies: I Want Candy and then he ended with Aaron’s Party.

His set was only about 45 minutes. A little bit of a downer, but definitely worth it to relive our childhood… and for Laura to see her first true love in person. Did I mention he called her out for her mad rap skills?

Aaron Carter HOB Casey & Laura HOB


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