you deserve better

I recently came across a quote that really stood out to me, “If a guy is interested, he will show you he is interested, point blank.”

This hit me pretty much straight in the face. How often do we waste time wondering if someone is interested in you or not? The signs are in your face at first. He wants to hang out with you. He puts effort into getting to know you. He *seems* to genuinely care about you and your life.

Then it changes. The good morning texts fade, being busy becomes a trend in the other person’s life, the enthusiasm that was once high has begun to stagger. It should be clear: you are no longer a priority in his life.

But, of course, it’s easier said than done. We sit here and wait for the eagerness to return. Wondering from the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep if you’ll hear from him, or if he’s too busy to send you a text. Asking our friends if we’re crazy and overreacting. Telling yourself that you’re the problem. You are the reason that he pulled a 180, you did something wrong. Asking yourself, is he interested or isn’t he?

This is wrong. This is bad. This isn’t how we should feel. You don’t deserve to be left hanging by a thread, dangling around wondering if you fit into his life or if he’s moved on. Feeling like you aren’t worth someone’s affection, or time, and trying to figure out how you can change to make things better.

You deserve better.

Just because some guy made great spaghetti, or watched your favorite Netflix series with you, or was a great cuddler doesn’t mean he isn’t replaceable. Trust me, he is. You deserve someone who makes an effort to be with you and show interest in you. Don’t let someone drag you along and waste your time questioning his interest or intentions. Because, let’s face it, if there’s any doubt in his interest, chances are he is leaning more on the uninterested side of the spectrum.

To quote my friend Dr. Yang (#GREYS), “he is not the sun, you are.” 


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