ACL {top 5}

I’ve shared a bit of my ACL experience, but there’s so much that has been left unsaid. I’ll save everyone the hours of listening to me rave about the festival and share my Top 5 ACL Moments

5. FOOD- Why have I never had Amy’s Ice Cream or Salt Lick before? My life was changed. My taste buds will never eat ice cream or BBQ the same. LIKE DAMN. How are ATX folks not fat?

4. ACL Confessions- Y’all- I saw someone get a handy during Outkast… and I got to tell the story in the ACL Confession Booth… Stay tuned for the video clip. I will obviously share it!

3. Lana- Hearing Lana’s voice live was truly an experience. It’s ghostly and mesmerizing. But, her voice wasn’t even what set her set apart from everyone else. Her performance, from the moment she walked out, to greeting (and taking selfies) with fans, to lighting a cig on stage, to belting Summertime Sadness, it was good. No, it was great. I gained a lot of respect for her as a performer… and my “fandom” most certainly increased.

Lana del Ray

2. Sam Smith– Talk about a talented musician. His voice is angelic live, just like it is on the radio. His voice is so sincere as he speaks to the crowd. You can tell everyone that is near the stage is vibing off of Sam. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, danced, felt heartbroken, relief… it was an emotional set. I would pay to have Sam speak and serenade me anytime. His simple attire, simple set up and angelic voice make for one helluva show.

Sam Smith

1. Seeing Eminem live from the front of the crowd- Words cannot describe the experience I had during the Eminem performance. I’ve been very fortunate to see some amazing shows over the years, but never have I experienced something quite like this. I truly lost myself. His showmanship was brilliant. The intensity from the crowd, from the stage, it was overwhelming in the best possible way. Hearing Eminem energize the crowd and spit his lyrics from 100 feet away from me was surreal. If you ever have the chance to see Eminem perform live… take it. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Shoot, you may even tear up a little like I did.


And of course I had a blast with all of my friends! Take a look for yourself…



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