In case you live under a rock, Riff Raff has opened a store in Dallas.

For most of us DFW gals, Riff Raff has been an online destination for all of our fashion needs, that is until a few weeks ago when the Dallas store finally opened its doors to the masses. Since their opening, Riff Raff has been having fun little get togethers and specials, the most recent being #RiffRaffBloggersBrunch.

My roommate and I decided to wake up on a Saturday and check it out. We were greeted by bloggers Tara Gibson and Kate Blue. Although the first encounter was a little awkward, we grabbed some delicious muffins an mimosas and started to browse the store. Although I’ve been in the store once before, it was Taylor’s first time. In fact, she had never even heard of Riff Raff (appalling, I know!).

Brunch Set Up

Needless to say, Taylor was incredibly obsessed with the trendy options displayed around the store. A few of our favorite pieces included an oversized plaid top, chunky necklaces, wide brimmed fedoras and the collection of sweaters… all very important fall staples in my book.

Oversized Plaid


Grey Hat

Although we walked away empty handed on Saturday, it was a fun roommate outing dreaming up some fun new fall outfits while munching on tasty treats! We can’t wait for the next fun Riff Raff event… or shopping trip!

Chunky Necklace

The shop is located in The Plaza at Preston Center- the same area where you can find Sprinkles Cupcakes (yum!). Be sure to plan your trip into the store according to their hours (M-F 10a-6p • Sat 9a-6p • Sun 12p-5p) and if you purchase any adorable pieces- share how you style them by tagging #RiffRaffLove in your caption!



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