ACL: Tor MIller

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing some amazing artists this weekend down in Austin. They ranged from headliners like Eminem, to Kongos, to Tor Miller. Which leads me to this post… Tor Miller.

You’ve probably never heard of Tor, neither had I until I was walking by the stage to grab a bite and heard a voice that I couldn’t get enough of. I went over to the Sculpture stage to take a peak at the face behind the magical sound I was hearing.There I saw a rather handsome guy, sitting at a piano, serenading the crowd. There were a handful of younger girls sprawled out over the metal fence surrounding the stage. You could tell they were all enthralled- both by his pure voice and handsome looks.

Tor Miller @ ACL

Tor Miller @ ACL

The crowd was mellow. Tor spoke softly and thanked everyone for coming to support him. He went on to play the next song. I stood and listened- closed my eyes and enjoyed the music. His voice was raw, full of emotion. It’s the type of sound that makes a love song give you chills, or a breakup song putting you in a full fit of tears. It’s demanding without being forceful. Tor’s voice commands you to listen because your ears can’t get enough (and neither can your heart).

Tor Miller @ ACL


Tor’s a 19 year old from New York. His fan base is small, (just over 1,000 likes on Facebook) but those who listen to him obviously love him. Tor plays at a variety of venues up in New York and also attends class at New York University’s Clive Davis School of Music.

Let me go on record saying that Tor has a great future ahead of him. Whether he plays large venues or small ones, Tor’s making an impact on everyone who hears his music. In the meantime, I’ll continue to listen to Tor’s music and anxiously wait for him to come back and play another show in this area.

Check Tor Miller out on.. SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramWebsite


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