What are we? And other forbidden questions

In today’s dating world nothing is defined. There are so many questions that go unanswered… because, let’s face it, if you ask one of these questions you are labeled as CRAZY and left hanging out to dry (your tears that is).

What are we? If you dare to try and define the “relations” with someone, you are asking for it to be terminated at risk of being “too attached” and “needy”.

Why is this girl on your top 3 on Snapchat? Because let’s face it, if you haven’t met her and she’s his #2… something fishy is happening. How dare you want to know what’s going on!

Can we do something this week? Psh, who do you think you are… Dating isn’t a thing anymore. Get used to the late night booty texts and last minute plans because “hanging out to watch a movie” is the new romantic night on the town.

Do you like me? Nope, no feelings. If you admit you have feelings for someone you are showing weakness. BE STRONG.

Can I meet your parents? How dare you think you deserve to get to know who he is and where he is from… how selfish!

Will you meet my parents? No, because that would make your “relations” too serious. And who wants a lecture from your dad unless they plan to stick around?

Can you believe how romantic John was when he proposed to Sarah? Avoid marriage and engagement at all cost, because of course you admiring someone else from afar means you want to get hitched yourself.

Why did you stop texting me? Psh, you think you deserve an explanation as to why he stopped talking to you out of no where? Think again.

Am I crazy for wanting answers? Obviously you are a psycho for having emotions and being forced to suppress them. Keep suppressing them, crazy.


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